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Why Penguins Huddle?

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Why Penguins Huddle? Aim: An investigation into why penguins huddle. Factors: 1. The number of penguins in the huddle 2. The size of the penguins in the huddle 3. The amount of insulation (feathers and fat) on each penguin I have chosen to investigate Number One, The number of penguins in the huddle. Prediction: I predict if I increase the number of penguins in the huddle the temperature will drop less rapidly. Scientific Theory: A bird is any animal that is a homeothermic vertebrate animal with a pair of modified upper limbs that support or supported flight at one time in the evolutionary development of the animal. A penguin would be any animal that belongs to the class Aves, which contains all birds, is incapable of flight due to loss of the proper machinery, is naturally restricted to the Southern Hemisphere, moves about by swimming and walking, nests on land, and shares similar morphological features -- mainly color and striping patterns -- between the sexes. ...read more.


* Set up data logger (using mains plug) - Put temperature probe deep into the middle of the test tube - Do the same with secondary probe - Plug probes into data logger * Start stop clock, and record temperature on data logger every 2 minutes * Log data by switching on red button then by pressing blue button to activate log mode, and to confirm activation you will see a little [L] flashing in the bottom corner of LCD screen * Once complete use computer to upload data for a graph Result Table: Positive Table Time (Minutes) Temperature Of Huddle (Penguins C) 1 3 5 7 9 0 52.6 53.8 55.0 54.6 45.8 2 50.6 51.4 54.0 53.0 45.0 4 48.0 49.0 52.8 51.8 44.6 6 45.0 47.6 51.2 50.4 43.8 8 42.0 46.2 50.0 48.0 42.8 10 39.0 45.0 48.6 47.0 42.6 12 37.0 44.0 47.4 45.6 42.0 14 36.0 42.6 46.4 44.4 41.6 16 35.0 40.6 45.4 43.6 41.0 18 33.8 39.0 44.0 42.6 40.8 20 33.0 38.0 43.4 41.0 40.1 Negative Table Time (Minutes) ...read more.


This meant that the two graphs looked similar but the second graph had the same starting point. All of the results that I gained were on a smooth line this showed that all my results were very much accurate. In my experiment I had no anomalous results and they all were on a smooth line of best fit. I would have wanted to take extra readings to expand because there was a large range between the results. If I were to do this experiment again I could have improved it in a number of ways. Firstly by changing from a Data Logger to a thermometer would have varied my results, but would've been more reliable than a mains operated tool that does the same job, as the main switch could have had a fault. Secondly the penguins were test tubes, and this could have affected the results, as real penguins behaviour could have been different. Diagram: Rahel Ahmed 115 UB Year 11 Coursework ...read more.

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