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will global warming lead to mass extinction?

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Will Global warming lead mass extinction of the World's species? The biggest threat that the World's species face is global warming. The amount Global warming has increased due to the expansion of the human population, causing an increase in the amount of factories, transport and the use of the World's resources. If Global warming does cause mass extinction of the World's species it will be the 6th mass extinction in the history of life on Earth. However it will be the only one that was caused by another species. This other species is man. Another example of Global warming causing mass extinction, this time without mans help, is what Scientists call "the Great Dying," which is a 250 million-year-old disaster which wiped out 90% of the ocean species and 70% of land species in the biggest mass extinction in Earth's geologic history so far. Research released in January 2005 offers new evidence that global warming caused by volcanic activity may have been the main cause. ...read more.


This is due to the increase in temperature bringing about earlier springs, longer frost free seasons, reduced snowfall and competition for resources. The reason that ecosystems become out of sync is the phonochaotic responses of the creatures involved within the ecosystem. The creatures pick up on signals which allow them to know what time of year it is, this is usually how long the day lasts. If the signals are incorrect the creatures will reproduce too soon or too late when there is no food for the offspring. If the producer is fruiting earlier and the primary consumers are unable to feed then their population decreases. If the primary consumer's population decreases so will the other species that depend on the size of its population. For example insects, such as Butterflies, are coming out of hibernation quicker during the late winter and early spring seasons as the warm temperatures arrive. This means they have longer to mate and lay their eggs. ...read more.


In my opinion global warming will bring extinction to all of the World's species, including humans, if we do not act quickly and find a way to hinder the process and the amount of greenhouses gases being produced. The World's greatest politicians seem too caught up in the products required for producing energy (such as oil) that they are unaware of the affects that they are having on the environment and the destruction they are causing. Although some people have already decided to try and make a change it will take everyone to 'do their bit' in order for us to try and combat the effects of Global warming. I believe each country should introduce new laws ordering the people to try and make a difference by altering their lifestyles in order to try and make them more efficient. Although most scientist believe that some mass extinctions e.g. the Jurassic period where caused by asteroids hitting the Earth, I know that if we do not act now the 6th mass extinction in will be caused by Humans and the effects of Global Warming. ...read more.

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