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World Issues: Comparing two articles - Colin Powell at the World Summit

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Scott Hardy

World Issues: Comparing two articles

Recently many of the worlds leaders met in Johannesburg for the earth summit. It was called to mark the 10th anniversary of a meeting in Rio de Janeiro which managed to set up a number of important environmental agreements. Unfortunately the USA’s president, George Bush did not attend but sent his secretary of state, Colin Powell instead. There were 65, 000 delegates and 174 countries were represented.

The first earth summit, hosted in Rio de Janeiro (1992) managed to set up several agreements, based on the environment and the future shape of global industrial development.

It set up an agenda called agenda 21. This agenda set out the way that planet-wide environmental improvements could be achieved if local authorities made more of a priority of issues such as recycling and energy conservation.

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The Times article is more “in depth”. It goes behind the summit and states its background while still stating information about Colin Powell’s heckling and also the achievements of the summit e.g. the agreement, aimed at reducing world poverty and protecting the environment. It also has statements from the some of the world leaders such as “there should not be any more such mega-summits” which was made by the Prime Minister of Denmark and the president of the European Union.

Comparing the two articles, I find that The Times article is more detailed than The Sun article. Also there are the differences in language which you find between a tabloid (Sun) and a broadsheet (Times). The Sun seems to deal with the main

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I think that the Johannesburg summit like its predecessor was a failure even though some agreements were made. Some of the delegates branded the agreements inadequate therefore not everyone liked it. Also one of the biggest problems (America) did not seem to take much notice and as I stated have written off the planet.

The  main problem with putting agreements into practice is that perhaps some countries will adopt a scheme but not all countries will so the problem goes on and that some of the people on these countries will not do the extra work required to make it work (e.g. Recycling)

Scott Hardy 11D

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