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Write a 1000 word essay putting forth the scientific arguments that are both for and against evolution. Remember you must only talk about scientific reasoning not religious! To gain credit both sides of the argument should be discussed

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Scientific Arguments For and Against Evolution Write a 1000 word essay putting forth the scientific arguments that are both for and against evolution. Remember you must only talk about scientific reasoning not religious! To gain credit both sides of the argument should be discussed The Science of evolution is a complicated progression by which the features and qualities of living organisms change over many generations as characteristics are passed from one generation to the next. Evolution seeks to understand the biological forces that caused ancient organisms to develop into the tremendous and ever-changing variety of life seen on Earth today. It addresses how, over the course of time, various plant and animal species branch off to become entirely new species, and how different species are related through complicated family trees that span millions of years. Evolution provides an outline for the ongoing history of life on Earth. A controversial theory of evolutionist is that all living organisms, from bacteria to plants, reptiles, insects, amphibians, and mammals, share a common ancestor. ...read more.


By this definition, evolution is an indisputable fact. One can also say that Evolution hasn't been observed and thus is not true. Yet, evolutionists argue that even without these direct observations, it would be wrong to say that evolution hasn't been observed. For example a bacterium that has become resistant to all known antibiotics over a few decades (MRSA) or insects that develop a resistance to pesticides over the period of a few years is evolution and thus it is a fact. OK maybe you can't see a caterpillar turning into an elephant but Evidence isn't limited to seeing something major happen before your eyes. Evolutionists also regard in making predictions in relation to what they would expect to see in the fossil records, genetic sequences, geographical distribution of species etc. The number of observations supporting evolution is overwhelming. In contrast, Evolutionists do not have solid support from science when they say everything has "evolved". There are many scientific arguments against Evolution such as, there is no scientific law yet that allows something to evolve from nothing. ...read more.


To conclude, Evolution is just a theory by which evolutionists believe the modern inhabitants of the Earth came into existence. They also argue that in the real world, we must deal with levels of certainty based on observed evidence. Conversely, there are many scientific laws in which prove that evolution is impossible and that there is no/lack of proof. But is lack of proof a weakness? What do you believe? Some scientific quotes against Evolution: * Sir Fred Hoyle, of Cambridge University stated that statistically the chances of one cell evolving was the same as a tornado passing through a junkyard and giving you a fully functional Boeing 747 * It has never been observed in any laboratory that mutations can cause one species to turn into another. Despite this, evolutionists believe that given enough time, some animals will eventually evolve into other creatures * However, scientists don't really know how life came to be. Even Stanley Miller, whose experiments are cited in most biology text books, says that the origin of life is still unknown. The idea that dead material can come to life all by itself is not consistent with scientific observation. ...read more.

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