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GCSE: Sociology

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  1. education act

    The 1906 Education Act for provision of meals and the 1907 Education Act for the provision of medical inspection in schools were followed by legislation strengthening the law protecting children from cruelty and neglect, and legislation "publicly emphasizing the social rights of the child" [Frost, 2005: 279]2. Provision of Meals The cost of providing meals for elementary school children who were otherwise unable to make use of the provision of education due to lack of food, was met by the Local Education Authorities.

    • Word count: 568
  2. Free essay

    Gun Gang Culture

    Violence also is used to organize the gang and to control gang members. Gangs are as different as the beliefs which influence them. The articles here are from loads of different sites from the internet. A gang can be a group of mates who live in the same area as each other, or all go to the same school, and who hang around together. Gangs are not always bad or involved in crime and being in a gang can just mean hanging around with the same group of friends. Hanging around with your mates can make you feel safe, as you can all look out for each other.

    • Word count: 693
  3. Should smacking be banned?

    Showing that violence is acceptable in a community is wrong. Without any violence whatsoever would end all wars, save lives and most probably increase quality of life. I understand that if a child puts his hand inside an electric socket, a light slap is alright, but the biggest problem is that parents abuse their children. Many children's lives are ruined by a distressing upbringing through ignorant abusive parents. Professions, which involve the responsibility of children, such as teachers or nursery workers, have been stripped of the right to smack children simply to try and stop bullying and increase civility. This has not happened and has actually created a negative effect.

    • Word count: 606
  4. Assess the extent to which socialization produces conformity in Society

    Firstly, the preparatory stage . It is when the child imitates and observes the behavior of others. Secondly, the play stage. It is when children no longer simply learn by imitation, they begin to act out the roles. At the play stage, the child begins to play the role. For example, a 5 year old child playing a game in which he was a doctor. During the play stage , the 'Me' begins to develop, as children learn to evaluate themselves from the point of view of 'significant others' and lastly, is the game stage.

    • Word count: 828
  5. the rainforest

    One more reason why we are loosing the rainforest is for cheap meat, they cut down all the trees so cattle can graze and eat and then the meat is imported for food to other countries. I also found out that there were human beings living in the rainforest and these people were known as Indians.

    • Word count: 553
  6. What is happiness?

    Plato claims there is three parts of the soul reason, spirit, and appetite. Each part is satisfied differently reason is satisfied by wisdom, Spirit is satisfied by courage and appetite is satisfied by moderations. When all the part of the soul reaches virtue through satisfaction then the soul is harmonious which equals happiness(power point slides). For example when you do something good like helping out a family in need during the holiday season then you will be able to achieve happiness. Another wonderful philosopher with an ethical theory of happiness is Aristotle. Aristotle theory on happiness Is different from others.

    • Word count: 942
  7. To what extent does ethnicity affect educational attainment?

    Success or failure can be influenced by what happens within the school and classroom. If teachers have low expectations of an ethnic minority it may affect the actual progress of a pupil. This is known as the self fulfilling prophecy. If a teacher labels most Bangladeshi boys as 'not very bright and able'. The teacher has labeled the group and made a prediction about them. Because the teacher has low expectation, he/she will except below average homework. Also teachers will not encourage the pupils as they are already labeled as 'failures'.

    • Word count: 729
  8. r,e drug abuse

    Christians believe that some recreational drugs such as wine aren't forbidden as at the last supper jesus represented his blood by a glass of red wine. But Christians see the body as a natural home of the soul and therefore it is precious and sacred "your body is a temple of the holy spirit". So Christians don't approve the use of most recreational drugs and all illegal drugs as they can alter the way the mind thinks and make people incapable of praying to god and not being alert to god but most Christians will take drugs on prescription.

    • Word count: 944
  9. Free essay

    Chinese-A Fashionable Trend

    Chinese is daunting to learn for many, because of the tones used in speech, and the thousands of characters that must be memorized to be considered literate. Nevertheless, this has created a flourish in language centers, educational programs and improvement of electronic dictionaries teaching mandarin, as several countries such as the U.S just don't have enough trained mandarin teachers. "The level of interest is high, but the level of expertise is low," says Scott Mc Ginnis, an academic adviser at the Defense language Institute in Washington.

    • Word count: 838
  10. To what extent to sociologists agree that the married couple family is no longer the typical family?

    It is strongly argued by some sociologists that marriage is becoming much less popular. This is echoed by the statistics that say that the marriage rate has declined. The decline according to sociologist Jon Bernades is not due to lack in marriage but more due to the increasing average age that people get married. He points out however that most people do marry at some point in their life. This may suggest that the reasons people do marry have changed. Some may argue that the family is no longer the child rearing agent for capitalism that Marxists believe it is.

    • Word count: 604
  11. Poverty is frequently a consequences as well as a cause of human rights abuse

    names are spelled, because living in a world of hunger, disease and gunfire, pencils and books are not things to be placed in a survival kit. "Everyone has the right to education, and elementary education shall be free." is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However in reality, developing countries, especially those affected by warfare are not able, or perhaps willing, to providing free primary education to children. The violation of this human right has been a dominant element of perpetuating poverty.

    • Word count: 702
  12. Regulating Video Games

    If parents want to allow their children to play violent games it is their decision to make. Parents should ensure that their children know the difference between video games and real life. Many people believe that violent video games are a major cause of violent crimes. Several states introduced laws restricting violent video games which were then over turned in federal court. That suggests that the violence in video games doesn't cause aggression. Parents need to ensure that their children know that video games are solely for entertainment purposes only.

    • Word count: 612
  13. examine the reasons for healh care access differences

    As seen by the biomedical model of health, your body is a machine, but maybe your body (machine) can only be fixed if you are in your home country because the mechanic doesn't understand how it is supposed to operate. This is a sheer case of GP's having little or no understanding of cultural practices or ethnic groups. Research has proven that medical care comes easier in the UK to the white population than those who come from western countries.

    • Word count: 829
  14. outline and assess different sociological explainations for the continuation of social class inequalities in health

    Nowadays there are several different explanations for inequalities among social classes. Such as: The artefact explanation Many different systems are used to measure social class inequalities which include occupation, property ownership, educational status and access to social resources. In 1997 Sally Macintyre et al described the 'soft' version of this argument as some sociologists call it. She pointed out that the gradient of class differences in health will depend, to some extent on how class and health are measured.

    • Word count: 544
  15. Critically assess the bio medical model

    So from what I know about the biomedical model of health & illness it is a good thing for doctors who are looking for physical damage in their patients, however it isn't at all helpful with patients who may be sick due to socially challenging problems. The biomedical model is dominant within medicine today as a means of explaining ill-health. In the biomedical model health is a state of not being ill. The model looks at the human body as if it is some sort of machine, if it breaks down - it will get repaired by the doctor (mechanic).

    • Word count: 659
  16. Same Sex Marriage

    Moreover they often use the term Homosexual marriage which is regarded to be more stigmatizing than the term gay. There are those people who suggest that the term marriage should be reserved for civil, religious and legal contexts using a standardized concept of civil companionship. This kind of arrangement will reinforce the wall of division between the state and the church by putting a holly institution entirely to the church while placing secular organization under the control of the state. Some opponents and proponents of the same sex-marriage find suggestions of that sort to be unworkable.

    • Word count: 601
  17. IMF good or bad?

    The IMF's main purpose was to assist war torn countries after the Second World War. The IMF was not the only institution created in order to assist, there was also the UN. The USA really wanted to be the ones in charge of looking after these struggling countries, so they poured lots of money into the IMF. Why the IMF and not the UN you might ask. The reason the USA chose the IMF is because the country that gives the largest amount of money will have the largest say in what happens; unlike the UN where it is one country, one vote.

    • Word count: 701
  18. Has Britain's Contemporary Family Life broken down?

    In fact, the amount of marriage rates in Britain has dropped since 1981 to 2006. In 2006, the marriage rate for men 22.8 men marrying per 1,000 unmarried men down from 24.5 in 2005 whereas for women, down from 21.9 in 2005, the marriage rate in 2006 was 20.5 women marrying per 1,000 unmarried women.2 As the Sunday Telegraph pointed out last year (July 15, 2007), ''Over the past decade, Labor has presided over the almost total destruction of any official recognition that marriage is something to be encouraged, to the point where most official forms no longer require, indeed no longer allow, people filling them in to state whether they are married.

    • Word count: 530
  19. What are some of the major changes in patterns of work in the UK over the last twenty five years?

    In exploring all these changing patterns of employment, there is some major subject matter around the topic, such as:1 Market factors e.g. marital status or economic growth in the UK 1950-2001 (marriage rate has dropped over the last 25years while the divorce rate has increased), increased life expectancy (people wanting an increase in retirement money which influence people to extend their employment lives), population of working age (adults between 35-55 spend too much time at work rather than having families therefore life expectancy continue to grow).

    • Word count: 676
  20. Free essay

    Switzerland and Cannabis: Amour Impossible?

    In recent years, according to studies, it has been seen that the experimental and recreational use have been rising once again. Nevertheless, there has been a rather insignificant change in the amount of dependent consumers. In addition, the addictiveness of tobacco has been proven to be significantly stronger than the minute level of addiction caused by cannabis. The Swiss law states that cannabis in agriculture is legal, as well as the use of the natural properties of cannabis in consumer goods.

    • Word count: 522
  21. The Cultural Diversity of the Caribbean.

    The cultural diversity of this region has resulted from colonization of the Europeans in the fifteenth century, the forced migration of the Africans between the mid- seventeenth to nineteenth century, and the voluntary migration of the Asians in the nineteenth century. Each ethnic group brought with them their traditional practices, for example the Indians brought their traditional foods such as curry and other spices, and the Africans brought their religious practices such as voodoo. These practices by the ethnic groups have all been incorporated to create what is known as the "Caribbean Culture".

    • Word count: 630
  22. Sociology1903

    Equal amounts of people are chosen from different groups. There is a disadvantage for me in using this sampling method because I will be unable to collect data and evaluate the data from the whole population due to time limitations. Another disadvantage in using stratified random sampling is that I may choose a group consisting of certain aged people and this can make my results inaccurate. Simple random sampling is when the whole population is grouped (divided)

    • Word count: 535
  23. Examine the arguments and evidence in favour of the view that childhood is socially constructed

    Children are now seen as family members and form a growing economic force in society. Phillipe Aries (1962) stated that childhood is a recent social invention. He claimed that in pre-industrial society, childhood did not exist. Children were 'little adults' who worked as adults, thus proving that childhood is socially constructed. Toys and games did not exist and children were regarded as an economic asset. Investing emotionally in children was hard as their death rate was high, therefore family sizes were big, and so parents knew they would have a few children growing into adult life too look after them.

    • Word count: 887
  24. Asses the view that conjugal roles are now almost equal

    Oakley dismissed the view that husbands share part of the domestic chores. She conducted research in the early 1970's which show a clear division of labour. It was based on interviews with 40 women with pone or more children under 5. The findings showed that the wives saw the housework and child care as their own responsibility and received little help from their husbands. Oakley's results and conclusions support the theory of segregated roles. Since her study there has been extensive research to support the division of domestic labour.

    • Word count: 812
  25. social justice essay

    It began in 1945 when the commonwealth Governments main housing program was started by the Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA). A series of financial agreements that were being negotiated between the commonwealth and the states on their view to provide assistance to people in need delayed the program though, so it didn't start immediately. There are many ways that this group is underprivileged; I am going to outline just a few things. Firstly the lack of housing, there isn't enough housing to go around, so much that people are living on the streets, having to beg for money to buy their clothes or food.

    • Word count: 523

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