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GCSE: Sociology

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  1. Is sociology a science?

    To do this they would have to examine the parts in relation to each other, since they work together to maintain the life of the organism. In functionalism the various parts of society are seen to be interrelated and taken together they form a complete system. In order to understand any part of society i.e. family or religion, that part must be seen in relation to society as a whole. And will examine a part of society in terms of its contribution to the maintenance of the social system.

    • Word count: 2077
  2. An investigation and analysis of the role of women in contemporary Islam in the context of a multicultural society

    Analysing how Muslim women can stay true to their Islamic faith in such a society is an integral part of this essay. In Islam family life from many famous scholars is referred to as being the 'corner-stone of society' as it brings new generations into the world, therefore the parents have very important duties to play. They also have vital duties and obligations towards one-another. The duties of a husband and the wife towards each other are clearly stated in Islam (Qur'an 4:34).

    • Word count: 2338
  3. The Patriarchal Society

    It is quickly evident that Bigger is on the bottom rung of the social ladder. He is poor, black, and denied any chance to advance himself in life; As Ann Algeo put it, "Bigger is poor, uneducated and considered a nonperson... the only other people held in such low regard are communists" (Algeo p50). Bigger, like many African American males faced with these conditions, turns to acts of violence (though initially accidentally) in an attempt to leave the bottom of the patriarchal pyramid. His first act of violence is the murder of Mary Dalton, the daughter of his landlord.

    • Word count: 2052
  4. Discuss the Formation and Social Impact of Religion and Belief Systems

    For example, by this definition communism could be regarded as a religion even though it explicitly rejects religious beliefs. In addition, medicine and leisure can address the means to deal with the 'ultimate problems of human life', which itself is nebulous and open to interpretation. On the other hand, substantive definitions are concerned with the content of religion rather than its function or purpose. Here we find the discerning content between religion and other belief systems is that religion can be defined in terms of supernatural beliefs.

    • Word count: 2946
  5. Give a lecture to Swindon College students explaining how George Bernard Shaw uses the power of language to make his audience think about social change.

    a policeman's lookout. Language is major feature in class divisions, especially on the streets of London. There is a huge gap between the language and the structure of the language, of the Lower classes compared to the Middle and certainly Upper Classes. This is powerful in the structure of the play because we monitor Eliza's progress as she moves from the language of the gutter into a lady. Although her attitudes to some things have changed, because she has seen a new life, but she is actually the same person she always has been.

    • Word count: 2216
  6. Rawls claims that ‘utilitarianism does not take the distinction between persons seriously.’ Explain this claim and why Rawls believes his theory is an improvement.

    At the original position all persons are to be impartial when deciding the rules of the contract, and are to be ignorant of their status within the society under the terms of the 'veil of ignorance'2. It is at this point when all persons are considered impartially and Rawls is first seen to make the 'distinction between persons'. In the original position two principles are to be considered, these are the 'liberty principle' and the 'difference principle'3. Under the liberty principle all humans are the be granted basic liberty rights, including "political liberty (the right to vote and be eligible for public office)

    • Word count: 2348
  7. How the film "Outsourced" shows the effects of culture shock on an American in India.

    Firstly it is honeymoon period (excitement and fascination with the new culture). Second is culture shock where excitement turns into disappointment and more and more differences occuring.The third stage is initial adjustment where they learn to accept the culture and to change their negative attitude to a positive one. The fourth is mental isolation where individual feel lonely and can?t express themselves as well as they could in their native languages. And the last is acceptance and adaptation phase where they will feel at home and become involved in activities and may enjoy some of that countries customs.

    • Word count: 2129
  8. Notes on Violence in Society

    All weapons of war are designed to kill; nuclear bombs and missiles 3. The vast majority of wars have been civil wars caused by ethnic differences and poverty. 4. Of the world?s most indebted countries, 12 have suffered civil war. Angola, Central African Republic, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Ugandan and Mozambique. 1. Is Violence ever acceptable? 1. We may or may not describe certain acts as criminal or violent depending on our culture and the circumstances in which they occur.

    • Word count: 2448

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