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A debate on "Diligence Is More Important Than Intelligence For Success In Life"

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A very good morning, Mdm Speaker, honourable adjudicators, esteemed timekeepers, my worthy opponents, and of course, my most attentive and supportive members of the floor. We, the government, stand strong in our belief that today's motion, "Diligence Is More Important Than Intelligence For Success In Life" is The truth, and nothing but the truth. Now, we do not deny that intelligence is important. In fact, we definitely agree that intelligence is needed for success. Nevertheless, it is our opinion that diligence rather than just intelligence, plays a larger and more important role in the attainment of success in life. Before I proceed any further, I will first give you a crystal clear definition of the key words in today's topic. Diligence comes from the word diligent, which, according to the Oxford International Dictionary of English, means hardworking,and showing care plus effort. The phrase 'more important', on the other hand, means having a greater effect on the consequence while intelligence means possessing a highly developed intellect. Lastly, the word success can be defined as the accomplishment or attainment of a desired object or result. Therefore, the topic today says that being hardworking and giving effort to what you do will bring you success rather than just sitting around and relying solely on your grey matter.To give you a clearer understanding of the motion, let's take Ah Moi and Ah Lian for example. ...read more.


Why?? Because we know, that it is Diligence, and not intelligence which ultimately decides whether one succeeds or not. Not everyone is born with a high IQ, but certainly, everyone can be diligent IF they want to, and put their minds to it. A classic example where diligence played a bigger role than intelligence would be none other than the greatest physicist of all time, Albert Einstein.He stuttered for the first nine years of his life and would only answer after a prolonged period of reflection. A typical sentence from him would probably go like this-"I..i.i..h..ha..hate..schooool!!!" Well, it comes as no surprise at all that Einstein's parents suspected that he was mentally retarded! His grades in school were so horrible that a teacher asked him to quit. He failed his entrance exams to Zurich's Polytechnic Institute and had to reapply the following year. Even after finishing school, he had a hard time finding and holding down a job. Albert Einstein was not considered intelligent, ladies and gentlemen, in fact, he's equivalent to a high school drop-out! Yet, this great man managed to churn out theories which completely altered man's view of the universe. Now, there are many people who were way smarter than Einstein, but why didn't they discover his famous equation of E=mc� (energy conversion) ...read more.


I have full faith in your judgment, ladies and gentlemen, to see that being diligent is definitely more important than just being intelligent for success in life. With that, I thank you. We often equate success with wealth and fame,but there are many other areas in life where success is desirable,where diligence not intelligence plays a more important role.A marriage for example is not going to work out if either spouse keeps on expounding their brilliant intellect and spends no effort in keeping their marriage alive with passion. It's no surprise that pretty soon they'll be expounding how they became ex-spouses. I'm sure many of you out there agree with me;the men will be diligent in working to support their family and remembering the all important dates like their marriage anniversary while women will be diligent in the many roles they juggle to keep the family warm and happy which may include roles such as beig the second breadwinner.A gigantic ego and the bursting pride that comes with it has no place in a happy,sucessful family.Intelligence doesn't guarantee success in our social life either,in fact being much more intelligent than others is more likely to make you an outcast rather tha mr./miss popular,effort needs to be invested in order to make and sustain meaningful friendships. Diamond in the rough.-diligence required to unleash the full potential of a person Emotional intelligence-not sth which is inherited, effort needed to learn it ...read more.

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