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Discuss the view that there is no typical family or household in Britain today

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Sociology 'Discuss the view that there is no typical family or household in Britain today' When society thinks of a family we automatically think of the nuclear family in which there is a mum, dad and often two or three children. This type is seen as the statistical norm until the 1980's where it was considered abnormal to deviate from this ideal family type and there were characteristics that came with this which were seen as socially acceptable. Children were seen as the outcome of a loving heterosexual couple and each person i.e. the mum and dad should have distinctive roles within the family. The mother should be concerned with motherhood and household chores. The father should protect the family and be a disciplinary role model, as well as their main role being defined as the breadwinner, this meaning they often bring in the most money. ...read more.


Although the UK is seen as progressive, the nuclear family type seems to be falling and statistics show that in some parts of the country, over 50% of children will be born into a unmarried family, in the North East alone this statistic was 54.1% in the last year. Having a secure family can also have an effect on the child's education and social being. Education can be made easier if there are two parents, 2 times the help given and often 2 incomes helping towards funding i.e. money for equipment, uniform, school trips and the condition of the home and materials such as a computer, books and television may also help in the education. With only one parent there to help, it may be harder due to lack of knowledge, wanting to help the child but unable to, not enough money to send the child on educational trips, new uniforms or even things concerning how much is available at home. ...read more.


Some women or men choosing to be a SPF because of various reasons and other fall into the category by chance, often from one partner leaving. Such moral views have been put onto the typical nuclear family that even in such cases of domestic violence, the person stays with their partner in order for the child/ren to have the support of 2 parents. This is known as the egg shell family. Single parent families carry the stereotypical view from the government and generally most of society that they are working class citizens, often fatalists, live in council houses, rely firmly on benefits and the children often have no father figure to look up to therefore more likely to become delinquents and engage in drug abuse. The new right policies class single parent families as broken because of the lack of a father figure yet this may be a better situation for the mother as she is not dependent on the man and adopting a new style. Sources: http://www.dti.gov.uk/ http://www.edu.pe.ca/southernkings/familynuclear.htm http://www.stonescryout.org/archives/2006/02/the_breakdown_o.html Candice Burton 1 ...read more.

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