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The riots in 2011 were a reflection of Britains broken society. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Assessment Question: 'The riots in 2011 were a reflection of Britain's broken society.' Do you agree or disagree with this statement? The riots in Britain happened between the 6th and 10th of August 2011, during which several London boroughs and districts of cities and towns across England suffered. During this period of time, England suffered widespread rioting, looting, and arson. The riots resulted 5 deaths, 16+ civilian injuries and 186 police injuries. There is a debate on whether or not the riots in 2011 were a reflection of Britain's broken society. Some believe that this is right, whilst others think is this wrong. In this essay, I will discuss the different viewpoints. On the one hand, some people agree with statement. Firstly, some argue that the riots happened because of the parent's lack of control over their children. Any mannerly parent should teach their children to listen to them and respect them from a young age, so that they would never lose control. ...read more.


Some people think that the police should have had more respect from the society, which would mean that the police would not have been hurt. It is also argued that the riots proved the irresponsibility Britain's government. If Britain had a better society, the government would have been prepared for situations like this. They would have made the changes they have made once the situation worsened, before: for example, allowing the police to remove people's facemasks even if the person does not allow it. The government should have ensured that the police were well trained and had all the necessary tactics. They should have also given more power to the police earlier, so the society would have never even thought of causing riots, because they would know that the police are in the upper hand. The riots reflected the inadequate socialization of the poor. It showed how the poor are undeserving - they live off others (get allowances) ...read more.


In addition, they had many restrictions which prevented them from being able to control the situation. In my opinion, I agree with this statement. First of all, children should not make the wrong friends, because the parents should be responsible and teach their children who they should not make friends with and the bad consequences that would happen if they do, so that children would never make the wrong friends. Secondly, the adults of the society should be role models and be criminals themselves, so there will be no bad example shown to the children. Also, if Britain was not a broken society, the police would have been more prepared and would have known when to act and the limit to how much action they can take. This would mean they would not have been blamed for anything and would be able to control the situation well. To sum up, I think Britain's society, the parents and children, the police and government, is broken, and the riots of 2011 prove this. ...read more.

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