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A life in the day of...

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At precisely 6.45 am I wake to the sound of my alarm beeping telling me that it is time to start another day. Its Friday it seems as though there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which is school. After I have thrown myself into the shower to wake up and try to the best of my ability to make myself slightly more presentable. I go downstairs and talk to our cleaner who has been a friend of the family for twelve years and a mother to me for the same amount of time. Then realising I am late throw on my uniform and run around the corner to the coach stop where I meet one of my friends and we begin the day by discussing what we are doing this weekend. Then the conversation usually turns to the absence of the coach and the longing for it to drive down the road to take us out of the cold and misty morning weather. After arriving at school I look for one of my best friends Pips and together we finish any uncompleted homework. ...read more.


Then after what appears to be a second it is time to return to class for another three lessons until lunch begins. This is a cherished time where for one hour there is no work and time to play and eat slowly. There is a rush to get to the front of the lunch queue therefore getting the best food. After eating it is time to return to the classroom or go outside (depending on the weather!) to practise gym routines with Pips. On returning to school usually covered in grass stains we bump into a teacher who we always greet politely and hope that they will not notice green marks all over us. Normally the cheeky grins that cover our faces show mischief but it is soon forgotten and our jumpers are found. (These are so conveniently designed to cover any stain on a school shirt! Which is also great for the days when I decide to eat pasta with tomato sauce.) Then during the remainder of our hour's relaxation period almost the whole class sits together and talks. ...read more.


Before long it is the final bell indicating that the school day and week is finally over. The usual rush from the final lesson to leave is multiplied and I cannot help but pack up my bag with all my books like "Speedy Gonzales". Then I dash into the classroom, to pack my bag with homework for the weekend. The coach journey on the way home is loud and there is a different atmosphere. At the moment my foot touches the ground off the coach I know I am close to home and subsequently freedom and fun. After my adventure with Becca I return home quite late. A particular memory was when we missed the last train and had to take three busses home. I had never been more freezing than waiting for the buses and as night buses are not particularly regular this may give an idea of just how long we spent in the icy winter air. After this I head for the bathroom to try and sort out the windswept and frozen look on my face. Then I change into my pyjamas, and normally fall asleep watching Friday comedy shows on channel 4. ...read more.

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