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A little bit of respect towards Woman.

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A LIITLE BIT RESPECT TOWARDS WOMAN Through the centuries, the relationship between men and women had been a subject of discussion. Since Adam and Eve, it has been thought that men are superior and dominant in a society. In fact, history also confirms this: If we generalize; in mythology for instance the major god who is Zeus is a man, in a society the sovereign, in a war the one who fight at the front line, in a factory the boss, in a family the father who is seen as the sage and the children whose ideas are most considered by his parents is again a man. These prejudices differentiate according to the education level, the environment in which the person has growth and his philosophy of life. There is still in many societies the inequality of genders. Hence, women want their rights and their role in a society. They want to be independent. They do not want to behave in such ways that their culture, tradition and religion oblige them. They want to have the right to comment on someone or something. They are looking for a little respect. Although today's women are taking place in many fields, we cannot compare it with men's activities. In the developed countries, women can have more rights than underdeveloped countries, but the world is not bounded with only developed countries. ...read more.


Woman generally is not familiar with the use of masculine logic. To see things clearly is not her business, because she has been thought to accept masculine authority. The masculine world seems woman as an unchangeable reality, an absolute, therefore; she does not criticizing the world, nor herself. As cited Beauvoir: "Man makes the gods and woman worship them" (Beauvoir, p.611). Women's ineffectiveness and ignorance give rise to the respect accorded by them to the laws of the masculine world; they accept them by an act of faith. That is, they respect the law simply because it is the law. This can be a result of their ignorance; to be thrown to a second rang, to be thought since centuries by their father, their husband, by every man in every part of their life that they have to obey the masculine world's rules. Many of faults for which woman are reproached such as mediocrity, laziness, frivolity and servility as states Beauvoir are simply the fact that their horizon is closed. According to her, it is said that woman is sensual, she wallows in immanence; but she has first been shut up in it. Actually, these adjectives attributed to woman are not true. They are not lazy; their occupations are extremely important for them and occupy all their time. They are not servile; because a slave cannot have the sense of human dignity; it is enough for a slave to rescue (Beauvoir, p.615). ...read more.


These women, because of not possessing masculine logic are accused to not to be as intelligent as man is. Nevertheless, the 'others' never tried to understand them. They waited from them always to adapt to their situation and accept their rules. Woman, therefore, besides her high psychological superiority has always seen as unqualified human being and usually could not even receive their natural rights. They have been dominated even when they jumped into the loftier situation; love by men. In conclusion, before centuries as mentioned Simone de Beauvoir, and also as today lots of feminists are fighting for the rights that a woman can profit increase and they can be able to use same opportunities as men. Therefore, in such condition, the power and the quality of women must be understood and they must be brought to the places that they merit. Women with their patience, intelligence, and emotions are the main part of the society. They are sometimes mothers, sometimes wives and sometimes children. However, it is certain that without them we cannot have joy or pleasure in our lives. We must respect them; give a special part in our hearts and a special place in our lives. Therefore, women might have an equal place as men. We cannot even think a life without woman. We must have a little bit respect towards them, towards their being, their character, their personality, their psychology and their rights. ...read more.

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