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A Short Time in the Life of a Teacher

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A Short Time in the Life of a Teacher! I begin the week by getting up. This is the part I hate the most. I wake up, my breath stinks, my hair covers my face like a mop and I look like I have been run over a few times! No problem, I'll soon sort that out! My alarm clock shocks me into a conscious state - it is horrible; it reminds me of the school fire alarm and it is just as loud too! So, not only am I very wide awake but I am dying of a cardiac arrest! Yes, it's Monday morning and no, it is not a terrible dream; so I throw off my covers and crawl out of bed. My room is small but snug. I like it like that. The terracotta walls are warm, the bed is a fresh white and my dressing table is a lovely pale wood, which is very hard to come by. I like things to be minimalist and tidy, there is nothing lying on the floor and my dressing table consists of a mirror and hairbrush, I'm not one for make-up. As my eyes adjust to the light, I can already tell that it is a pleasant day, the room has a stimulating feeling to it, which is different to any other day, where the sky is overcast and the sea is crashing over the wall outside of my window. I get washed, run downstairs and cram all that wonderful work that I did last night into my bag. Then I throw on my leathers, jump onto my Honda VTR 1000 sp-2 (the most amazing motorbike in the world!) and I'm off! I have a bit of a passion for motor bikes, I always have. When I was younger I used to cycle to school. I always wanted a motor bike but I was obviously too young at the age of fifteen and when I got to eighteen, the bike was too expensive to insure. ...read more.


As far as absences go, I never have any. Late marks on the other hand, are a different story! "Now for the lecture, which I know you are all going to love!' And I trundle through the piles and piles of paper that Sharyn gave me. I look around the classroom as I speak and all I can see are tired, bored faces. They all know what I am going to say before it even comes out of my mouth... ' Litter is not acceptable in the canteen area, or anywhere else for that matter - Becky, quiet - school jackets must be worn at all times outside of school, you made them make fitted ones instead of blazers, now wear them!' 'And what if I cycle?' Marie shouts at the top of her voice. 'You wrap the jacket about your head like a turban when you cycle! What do you think Marie, you have already asked me that before! I know it's a Monday morning but try to get your brain in gear before the day starts!' 'If she has one!' Becky interrupts and the whole class laughs, including Marie. 'Okay, I won't bring it then?' 'Actually, keep it in your locker just in case Miss. Tinton decides to walk us all down to the church suddenly, like last week. If it is in your locker, you will always be prepared for her little "surprises".' ' And finally; your shoes have to be FLAT. Yuck, I know but you just have to like it or lump it. Think about it ladies. If you lot look dressed up with belts as skirts - not saying any of you do - and platform shoes for school, you will look the same when you go out at the weekend and what's the point in that?' A young lady at the back of the class shoots her hand up in the air. ...read more.


This time it is year eleven's. Are they still in their groups? Yes. Is there one person left out writing in her diary? Yes. Does everyone hate her? No. This is the difference. In year nine, they reject the out cast ignore her and hate her; in year eleven, they just reject her and ignore her, when they all have to work together, they can have a descent conversation with her but she does not respond so they give up. Why does she not respond? I think it is because she is fed up - fed up of people being so two faced. I would not know. GCSE drama, a great subject to be doing a GCSE in but what the students don't realise is that it is not a "dos" subject. Instead of teaching this lesson, I decide to lecture them on tardiness, forgetfulness and respect. They all sit there with long faces probably thinking oh just SHUT UP! But I don't mind - one of the student's talks to her friend and I send her out, I believe in giving people chances, but I have had so many complaints from group members about their peers not participating that I just blew it. None of them have ever seen me shout before, so I think it was very effective. No one talked as they walked out the class and I had several of them come up to me and apologise! Success! Lunch break. Or should I say, sit in my English "box" and mark homework to give to my next class. English homework is the worst. I sometimes wish I had been a maths teacher, all one has to do it get it right or wrong and if the answer is wrong, the teacher just puts a cross by it! English is a different matter entirely. I have to read every single word looking for spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and punctuation errors. Then I have to see if they have the content sorted out. ...read more.

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