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A voyage up on the Titanic.

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A Voyage Up On The Titanic We pulled up at the docks, luckily finding a parking space next to the gangplank. The place was a hive of activity as a result of all the cargo being loaded and unloaded. The ship was far bigger than I had imaged yet she was beautiful. All gleaming black and white with polished wood highlighting her decks. I was still high after all the excitement of the wedding however I could not fail to be impressed by my husband's choice of honeymoon. What is more he had arranged for my parents to wave us off and therefore there were familiar faces in the crowd as we boarded and prepared to sail. ...read more.


Also there were candles and pretty tablecloths on each table. The food was just as good as the sight of the dining room. For dinner, I had roast beef, chips and veg of the day, which were carrots, peas and sweetcorn. So then we went back to our first class compartment, which was just as snazzy as the dining room but smaller even so, had in it a king size double bed and more pictures by Claude Monet. Before he settled down for the night we went for a walk around the decks fortunately the weather was fine. After our walk, we set off back to our first class compartment to settle down for the night. ...read more.


Unfortunately the people who built the ship claimed that the titanic would not sink. Some people even called her the unsinkable titanic. But now was a different story. The white star line crew started to lower the lifeboats and started to get the women into them. Most women agreed to be parted from their husbands but some didn't. We started to move away from the ship and then she started to tip slightly and then more and more until the boat was vertical and it seemed the boat just slid under the water. Only a few of us survived. I wish my husband had been let on to a lifeboat because he wasn't and he lost his life. I feel sad that I made it and he didn't. I will never have the courage to sail ever again. Laura Harry 8.1 2nd October 2002 ...read more.

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