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Amsterdam Mini Cruise £50 Return

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Amsterdam Mini Cruise �50 Return How many times and how many companies have we seen with this fantastic offer? What makes this city so popular? The culture? The architecture? The history? Or is it the attraction of buying and using a soft drug, without the hassle of the law making an honest but curious citizen into a criminal? In our society smoking, selling or possessing a soft drug automatically turns you into a criminal, and also associates you with the drop out elements of society. There are many arguments against legalisation but also many for legalisation. As far as the government is concerned, they are firmly against the legalisation or decriminalisation of any drug controlled by the misuse of drugs act 1971. At present each year in the UK, approximately 40,000 people get arrested for possession of illegal drugs. The laws are complicated and it is hard to know what is and what is not illegal. The misuse of drugs act was brought in to force in 1971. The drugs covered in this act are, the class A drugs. Which are heroin, cocaine and crack, LSD, ecstasy, magic mushrooms (if treated for use) and amphetamines (if injected). The class B drugs are amphetamines and cannabis (which is soon to be reduced to class C). The drugs covered in class C are painkillers, sedatives and sleeping pills. ...read more.


If worldwide legalisation came into place, this would hugely reduce organised crime, by reducing their current drugs income. (Radio quote from a visiting American policeman: "These guys don't count their money they weigh it") Why "drugs" should be legalised NTC LRC research files Drug related deaths and killings would also reduce, because the law would settle turf wars, not violence. With legalisation police would be more available for other investigations were people are being directly harmed, rather than engage in their secret army on the war against drugs were only the user is being harmed by choice. Besides drugs seem less likely to cause harm than alcohol, in the form of car crashes and street fighting. If a drinker became a stoner the mayhem and chaos on a Friday night in the town would be less. The government when discussing this policy tend to forget that they themselves have broken their own laws in the name of research. Take the case of their huge plantation of cannabis, which they say was okay because they were testing it for medical reasons. Surely as a democratic society the people should have the right to chastise our government for this or have the right to grow and use it ourselves. People use drugs for different reasons, just like people drink and smoke for different reasons. ...read more.


At present a man made synthetic cannabinoid called nabilone is legally being used to suppress the unpleasant side-affects of chemotherapy in cancer treatment, as well as the benefits from other diseases. When we look back in time we see the people who have broken these laws but still receive huge credit. Like The Beetles Sir Paul McCartney busted in Japan for possession, Sir Mick Jagger reportedly known for the request of "no snow no show" in his reference to the request for cocaine before the Rolling Stones gigs, and Sir Elton John who widely discussed his addiction to cocaine. They are not what we class as the drop out's, but the very greatness of our country, and there is our authors Lewis Carroll, Conan Doyle both of their books obviously inspired by drugs. Our national hero Sherlock Holms addicted to opium. Which in those times was widely accepted. In this essay we have looked at the current laws, effects and opinions for and against legalisation. In my own opinion it's about time our society caught up with reality and realised that in its own way cannabis is part of what made Great Britain. Our songs, our literature, our industry, none of them possible with out the influence of soft drugs. On a lighter note "God made grass, man made beer, who do you trust? It has now come to my knowledge that as of the 29 January 2004 the Government will reclassify cannabis from a Class B to a Class C drug. Barry Hollinshead H.E.F.C. English Language Word count 1793 ...read more.

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