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Analysing the two adverts for Tommy Hilfinger fragrances.

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Tommy The two adverts for Tommy Hilfinger fragrances use the same ideas about the culture of American youth and portray a lifestyle that is intended to be desired by the audience. At a glance you notice the similarities between the adverts as the layouts are practically identical, despite being produced five years apart. The code of convention for this type of advertisement places the product in the bottom right hand corner, the name, using the identical font, is immediately to its left almost level with the bottom of the bottle. The logo, using the same colours as the American flag, is placed above the products name. The caption is placed along the bottom of the frame. Both adverts show a group of six young attractive Americans posing together in a relaxed manner, which gives the impression that they are close friends. Most are smiling, displaying their bright white and perfectly straight teeth. There is no one, in either of the adverts, who doesn't look happy and confident. All are self assured and well off. It is a medium long shot, with the background just out of focus. Are attention is held by the figures smiling at us. ...read more.


This symbolises the America that Tommy wishes to portray and be a part of. The white American middle class youth is mainly represented in this image. There are two who could possibly be considered to represent ethnic minorities, the Afro-American and the Italian, both on the back row. The two blonde haired stereotypical American males are placed at the front, the one on the left represents the 'jock' with a laid back slightly superior expression on his face. While the one on the right of him appears to be the more enthusiastic but conservative figure. He is wearing a t-shirt on which we can just distinguish the O and M from the word Tommy; this helps to anchor the media text. None of the figures in this image are wearing socks, infact they Italian youth has bare feet signifying confidence and a free spirit. The later advert is just a more up to date version where the youth represent a more affluent and well-groomed culture. There is a more even representation of different ethnic groups. The American flag is still present in the background but this time it is flying ,slightly out of focus, from a flagpole in the top left hand corner. ...read more.


Conversely, in the earlier advertisement, the shoes are stylish contrasting with the relaxed clothes they're wearing. This connotes style, where as in the later advertisement, the casual shoes connote their wish to remain part of youth culture. This creates the effect that Tommy can appeal to both styles. Tommy appears to be widening its target market for the new millennium. Tommy is selling the message that the product is a ticket to popularity; by using it you'll become like these people: successful, stylish, carefree, confident and have lots of friends. This is the reward for buying Tommy. The advertiser is using the consumers' feelings of inadequacy and jealously to sell the product. Both these advertisements reflect the social fantasies of American youth. In the earlier advertisement we see that sport, outdoors and attracting women were the main objectives. The diverse and individual styles are there to appeal to a range of young male consumers. In the later advert we can see that the social fantasies have changed, the emphasis is now on becoming financially successful and wearing clothes and sporting designer hair cuts to reflect this success. By using Tommy the consumer is invited to be either 'one of the lads' or more prosperous and sophisticated member of society. ...read more.

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