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ANTZ is not only a very entertaining animated-film but its also an excellent studying material for Social Study. Throughout the film there are many social study themes that pop up such as: bureaucracy, culture, and also ideas of various philosophers

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ANTZ is not only a very entertaining animated-film but it's also an excellent studying material for Social Study. Throughout the film there are many social study themes that pop up such as: bureaucracy, culture,... and also ideas of various philosophers like: Aristotle, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Locke, and Montesquieu... Yes, the film is the story of an ant colony in Central Park in New York City, under the chronological time span of 4 days. A colony to an ant is like a country to us. Every country has their own traditions; culture so does the ant's colony. Culture could be seen everywhere, it could be the cuisine, the clothes, art or just simply the way people thinks. You can see few examples in the film such as those beers that the ants drink from the anus of those insects, their dance moves could be a part of their culture, etc. ...read more.


The Queen is the head of the Colony but actually General Mandible is the dictator, he's the one that controls all the activities of the Colony. Maybe Locke won't be happy with this but Hobbes will be quite pleased since he believes that a society must have an authority with absolute power to prevent civil war and maintain rule of law. So in the beginning, the form of government of the colony is a dictatorship but as the movie continues, you could see the transition of the colony from a totalitarian society to a democratic one which Plato would favor but Voltaire might not agree since he was always sceptical about democratic forms of government, and he thought that: '' Human beings are very rarely worthy to govern themselves ''. Let's continue with the story, at first, the ants only know how to follow orders from their '' bosses'', they don't think for themselves and they accept to do anything for the colony as General Mandible told the soldiers: ''... ...read more.


He totally changed their mind from just thinking for the colony to think more for themselves - this is exactly what Locke wanted to tell us centuries ago. However, an individual plays an important role in the society, the society also has a vital role towards individuals. People don't just form societies for no reasons, they choose to form societies for reasons of security and because they want order as John Locke and Thomas Hobbes agreed. The ants live together in a society so they could work together and defend themselves against those horrible termites. In other words, society supports the individuals and together they co-exist. The film exposed to us many aspects of a society and it also taught us a good lesson about social study. However, there are still ideas of various philosophers that haven't come up in the film such as: the idea of equality of people before law, the separation of powers and what does it take to create the best form of government,... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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