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Are those at the top and bottom of the social class hierarchy there because they deserve to be?

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Are those at the top and bottom of the social class hierarchy there because they deserve to be? Social mobility is when people can move up or down the social class hierarchy. This allows people to improve their social class from the class they were born into and in some cases to unfortunately to also go descend from the social class that they were born into. The social class hierarchy is measured with the Registrar-General's Scale, which uses status associated with the occupation that a person performs. This type of division is known as stratification. In stratification there are two types the ascribed position and the achieved position. An ascribed position is when you are born into a certain family in the upper class were your future is already planned for you, for example Prince William has been ascribed to be king when Queen Elizabeth dies. An achieved position is when you work hard to move ascend in the society we live in, for example someone who was born into a family in the working class works hard to achieve a position in the middle class. ...read more.


Women tend to marry rich men to ascend in the hierarchy. I personally think that this is due to the gender inequality that there is between males and females because men always tend to be employed for the most important jobs and so for a woman to be successful she has to marry someone with power. This leads on to the woman's status, in which it is not considered of any importance because of marrying someone with money. This discriminates women and it is at this point were gender inequality occurs. Over the years women have always fought for equality these women are know as feminists. The aim of the feminist movement is to gain unity, equal opportunities, free abortion on demand and 24 hour nursery. Feminists believe that beauty contest such as Miss World are exploiting women because the contest is to do with physical appearance and it is practically aimed at men because they wear a small amount of clothes and men tend to like to look at women who don't wear much. ...read more.


Even though education has improved the inequality within professions when it comes to get a high status employment the employers are biases to the ones who had enough to afford to go oxford or Cambridge. In conclusion those who are at the top or bottom of the social class hierarchy are not there necessarily because they deserve to be there but because of other reasons. Those who have the higher status don't achieve their position but it is ascribed for them or some people (usually women) marry someone who is in a higher social class that them which also is a position that hasn't been achieved. Some people do achieve their position in the hierarchy but most of them didn't achieve it. The people who are at the bottom don't get an equal chance to achieve anything better than what they were put in. they are being discriminated on the way they look or because of their awful lifestyle but the people who judge them don't stop to think why they might of had the unfortunate cause that lead them to their position. Due to the inequality the Underclass are stuck at the bottom with no opportunities to improve their status. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alba Maria Pintos Suarez 03/05/2007 ...read more.

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