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Assess The Argument That The Basic Features Of Family Life Have Remained Largely Unchanged For The Majority Of The Population Since The 1950s

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Assess The Argument That The Basic Features Of Family Life Have Remained Largely Unchanged For The Majority Of The Population Since The 1950s Most sociologists agree that the nuclear family first became popular in the United Kingdom in the 1950 - 1960's after World War 2, although it existed from approximately the 18th Century. It originally occurred in upper-class families that could afford to live in this way and then eventually filtered down to the middle-classes and finally became popular amongst most classes in the twentieth century. The nuclear Family '(consisting of husband and wife with dependent children) this was idealized and promoted in the 1950's with the husband going out to work and the wife taking care of the house and family matters. This was seen as the foundation of a healthy society, every child given a strong moral foundation to work and grow from. The Father figure was given the authority and the power over the other family members. This was demonstrated by him being the 'breadwinner' and responsible for supporting the family financially. ...read more.


There are many benefits when families become more equal, it can take pressure off one another due to sharing roles and even if the wife takes up a part time or full time work this can help them financially but a vast majority of women prefer to remain as housewife's this due to high maternal instinct. Now a days children are listened to by their parents more, children didn't use to have a say in what they wanted to do, boys were sent to school to get a good career and girls were kept at home to learn house skills. These days both genders can get an education and its quite normal for children to go to cr�che as young as 1 year old, this helps them to interact and to learn social skills So the decline of the Nuclear family and male dominance could be attributed to the opportunities facing women today that were not available in the 1950's when the ' golden age' of families was being promoted. ...read more.


The rising acceptance of society on this issue allows such family types to prosper, thus reducing the amount of Nuclear families. In conclusion, it would seem that the nuclear family was the most popular family format in the 1950's and has been a form of living for hundreds of years, and although it may become less popular due to the increase in divorce, rise in reconstituted families and those more infrequent family types such as gay/lesbian headed families, there is no reason for it to become a thing of the past. So although there are now more variations in family type it is still the nuclear family that is most prominent. However it is important to notice how the nuclear family is evolving and all family members are a lot more equal in their roles within the household and out of the household compared to the nuclear family in the 1950's. It is important to note that in this essay I have been stereotypical and appreciate that for example that not all Asian's in Britain live in extended families and not every Afro-Caribbean family is a single parent usually single mother household. Josh Holt-Flusk ...read more.

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