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Assess the degree of freedom in Plato's republic.

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Assess the degree of freedom in Plato's republic In Plato's republic someone living in that kind of society today would view it very differently from someone from Plato's era. This means that we have to put everything in context. The other societies that Plato talked about were rubbished due to too much power given to one individual, and the leader giving in to the popular demand of the people even though it may not necessarily be the best thing for them. Plato's society of the Republic gave more freedom than some of the other society's discussed yet no where near as much freedom as we have today in our society. In Plato's democracy children would have a communal education, and then they would be assessed as they grew up then divided into he classes of gold, bronze, and silver. ...read more.


By being confined to a particular class freedom is also taken away from the individual to mix within the whole society. The freedom from harm principle can be applied to Plato's democracy as everyone is assigned to a particular class this allows people the freedom to excel in the class that has been chosen for them. However there is clearly freedom that has been taken away for instance to mix between each of the given classes, this separation may cause the under classes to aspire to something they can't reach, giving them no incentive but to just do as they are told. Keeping individuals to these specific classes, allows Plato to act paternally on behalf of the citizens. It allows him to say 'I know what's best for you'. ...read more.


would do good to them it could appear that the best way for him to gain the peoples trust is to let them make their own mistakes. If I were to tell you a certain food tasted horrible you would be more likely to try it yourself than just take my word for it; you get the chance to put your own mind at rest. In conclusion Plato's way of governing would be effective if everyone conformed yet it would limit the peoples freedom when the philosopher could in practice do as he pleased yet the people are limited greatly. However it can be argued that if the freedom is abstained from the individual then society will benefit as a whole. This could be true because the less freedom someone has the less likely they are to corrupt the system. ...read more.

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