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Assess the view that labelling and other processes within schools are what define who succeeds and who fails in education.

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Emily Speede Q) Assess the view that labelling and other processes within schools are what define who succeeds and who fails in education. The main influences that affect pupil achievement seem to come from outside of the school construct such as home background, social class etc. However there are many things that can influence pupil achievement within the school. Interactionists have put forward a number of processes they feel affect achievement to start with social role plays an important part there are the fixed roles of pupil, teacher, head teacher, etc but interactionists believe that these roles are not inflexible pupils and teachers have may have different views about what makes the ideal pupil and ideal teacher. ...read more.


The first stage is speculation the teacher will make guesses about the type of pupil their dealing with mainly through appearance. The second stage is elaboration where the teacher will either confirm or change their fist speculation. The third stage is stabilization where the teacher feels pretty confident in their evaluation of the pupil and will judge all future behaviour from this base. Labelling is believed to affect the future progress of pupils and can even affect important educational decisions such as what class they are put Into and what courses they take. A more specific type of labelling called the self-fulfilling prophecy theory argues that predictions made by teachers on the future of pupils will affect the teacher's behaviour toward them. ...read more.


From this he was able to conclude that attitudes toward academic achievement must be an affect of teacher's attitudes and expectations. Teachers tended to have stereotypical ideas of how each band was likely to behave and perform and would encourage them to aim higher or prepare for failure from this belief. However through these theories have some elements of truth not all children fail many are able to overcome the huddles of their banding, labelling, stereotyping, and peer pressure and do amazingly well. There is no prove that the self full-filling prophecy happens as there are many other influencing factors such as gender, and the processes mentioned above. But genially there was a strong correlation between low academic achievement and negative interactions. ...read more.

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