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Assess the view that the Postmodernists present the strongest argument when analysing the influence of mass culture on society

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Assess the view that the Postmodernists present the strongest argument when analysing the influence of mass culture on society Charlie Kininmonth Post modernism is the apparent breakdown of the distinctions between culture and society, it puts a strong emphasis on style rather than substance. To the untrained layman, the claims that a postmodernist would make would seem ludicrous, No one idea is any more or less valid than another. They would ask, "Are you saying that you believe that a person with an IQ of 70's views on the works of Charles Dickens are just as valid as Dickens' views himself?" The answer is yes. How about Hyper reality, that picture of my dog on the wall is actually the reality of my dog and what he is doing in the next room is unimportant. ...read more.


They believe that science does not lead to progress. I find it hard to believe this claim with advances in medical technology that save lives each day, can this not be called progress. This all depends what you define progress as, if it is defined as extending the life expectancy of humans or improving efficiency of production, then of course it does, but however you define progress as world harmony or a greater freedom of self awareness then progress is not being made with science. But if we reject truth and the idea that science can lead to progress, then we could be said to be entering a new dark age. ...read more.


The mass media sways our perception of history. A good example is the theory that the gulf war may not have happened. Of course it did happen but it was not a local narrative, ie not in our physical and direct view. In conclusion, I think that the postmodernists do not present the strongest argument because of the many gaps and contradictions in the theory such as the question of whether postmodernism is in fact a metanarrative. How also can we ignore factors like gender when women do more domestic work than men. I find it also very hard to ignore issues of class and poverty when there are millionaires working within 20 feet of a homeless man. This is why I think that postmodernism is not the strongest argument. ...read more.

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