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Behavior of Society

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# ## ## Monica Leon Mr. Rocha English 3 12-11-01 Behavior of Society In many different cultures several traditions have been past down that most of us do not agree with. Such as most Hispanics, they believe that all men eat first at the table or the women stays home and does all the work. Or in another culture, Asians have so much pride that not many people can help them in the time in need. This behavior has been past down from generation to generation and we do not even realize that it is uncalled for. We also do not realize that we should stop and think about how we can change it. ...read more.


As for Asians, I have notice that they are very proud of their work and the most traditional Asians do not accept help from those that want to help. From a past experience I tried to help and older Asian man with bringing in groceries. He did not let me help him, something as little as that he had a hard time dealing with help. I do not think that, that is good because imagine if they need more help for something more serious besides taken in the groceries. What if that person did not accept it and was left alone, or in a bad position with their family. There are many things to think about with this specific topic and we should try and improve on it. ...read more.


A way we can change these actions is very hard to conclude because we as person or even as a group can not tell someone how to live their lives. It would be better in school though, to let our students know that it is okay to help your spouse. Although we have to make sure that they work put in has to be equal. We should also encourage women to becoming more independent. That alone will give confidence to the individual to say "no" to those that try and take advantage of them. Another thing that we should teach is that it is okay to accept help from others when it is truly needed. Being independent and accepting help kind of cross each other, but there is a mark right in the middle were people know when someone is taking advantage and doing a favor. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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