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Bouncers - a historical and cultural context.

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A Historical Context Bouncers has been changed quite frequently to suit society of the time so we can relate to it, as the audience. For example in the scene where the guys are in the toilet and are comparing testicles, this would have been dramatically disturbing 10 years ago, which is why this shows us as time passed, views of society have changed and taboo subjects have been opened. From research, it was not until the 1980's that women were able to discuss their bodies with anyone but their husbands, not even their mother or doctor, as it was known to be losing their self-respect. ...read more.


This section of the play is significant as it shows the audience what effect new implements such as contraception has on society and their behaviour. If contraception had not been invented things may have been relatively different because people would not have taken advantage of the fact that they did not necessarily have to face any consequences as they could change things. Bouncers seems to educate people in the way that we are taught what is common now and what is normal (e.g. ...read more.


Ralph). You could say Bouncers is quite sexist, in the way that men are portrayed to be the dominant characters in comparison to the women. This can be seen as a criticism or a failure. In my opinion, it is just a criticism as it seems to me Godber does this On purpose in-order to open the eyes of women, to show them what they have historically been seen as) sex-objects). It could be an helping aid to change women, for their on benefit. The fact that all four bouncers are MEN and all the people inside the hairdressers are WOMEN directly convey the stereotypes of both men and women. ...read more.

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