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Britainhas an increasingly multi-cultural society

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Over the last century, Britain has become an increasingly multi-cultural society, with the roots of her residents spanning the globe. From Jamaicans searching for work, to Bangladeshis fighting for Britain during World War II, the list of reasons why foreigners have moved to Britain is vast. As a modern society, the British are expected to embrace other races and religions alien to their own and respect each others beliefs. Obviously, in practice, this is a different story: when contrasting cultures are expected to co-exist this will eventually lead to conflict, whether it is friendly mockery, or interracial gang warfare. Fortunately, the latter is fairly uncommon and as a whole, Britain is a fairly tolerant society. In fact, some races, however adamant to retain their traditions and culture, live in a more stereotypically British manner than many "British" people! Why has a society with such a diverse cultural range made this transition? ...read more.


However, jobs that are dominated by people of other races, with the exception of some professions such as medicine, are usually menial labour jobs such as manufacture. This proves that the evolution to an integrated society is not completed yet. The commercial supremacy of Christianity in Britain may eventually lead to a decrease in religious individuality. For example, Christmas is regarded as a huge marketing device by many manufacturers: from clothing labels to electronic companies. Over time, it has become more and more difficult to explain to younger generations why Christmas is not celebrated by everybody. Also, Christianity is still the principal religion taught at state schools; although many families may have begun to teach their children their own set of beliefs, having different values taught to them may displace their sense of religion and lead to a generation of virtual atheists. It is this that some religious groups fear, as many still hold their cultural identity as a central value. ...read more.


The distorted views many immigrants have of their "homes" often do not realise that situations may have changed there: it could be becoming more "Western" in an attempt to develop, and these estranged children often return to Britain having lived a similar life to the one they may have led if they hadn't left. Many ethnic minorities are concerned about their loss of identity through the increasing integration of British society. Yet they are still willing to take a job, live in a British community, go to British schools, and so on. This causes many problems: if they cannot accept the changes developing to make Britain less of a segregated society, then it slows the process down. However, many people embrace the idea of everyone in Britain being considered "British" and Trevor Phillips, the head of the Commission for Racial Equality, has called for all citizens to "assert a core of Britishness" and said the term "multiculturalism" was archaic, and should be discarded. This suggests that the gradual lessening of separation between races is happening because people want it to and this can only be a good thing. ...read more.

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