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"Censorship cannot eliminate evil - it can only kill freedom"

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Lois Glover English Homework 11A 24/11/02 Essay topic: "Censorship cannot eliminate evil- it can only kill freedom" When we walk down the street, when we search the net, when we read books, when we watch films and when we go to school, we live in the depraved world. Why is this? This is the question being asked today, the one in which we have to solve together, to try and improve, its sin. Sin has attacked the world and gets worse and worse due to the problems not being solved. We have to start to understand that first of all, nothing can abolish the evilness in the world, as the world is full of impure sinning people, but we cannot stop here. ...read more.


Are people satisfied with letting their children out at night, searching the net or even watching a film? If you're not, then this is where we need improvements on our boundaries. You can look at two different countries. For example China and America. We look at these two very different countries. We hear about the immoral in each, but can we realize which is at more risk to its society. We read and listen about it on the news, net and newspapers, the children who are killed, the schools that are gunned down, the lives lost everyday and we wonder why. Its pretty simple, some countries have more freedom or could you say exquisite boundaries. This is the fault, this is the mistake and this is the area that is needed improvement. ...read more.


Two ten-year-old boys saw this on a film and then thought it was ok. There needed to be boundaries and because there was not, a child died innocently because of the Mis-understood boys. Are we at the place to say, yes this world is fine, or yes this world needs improvements. Can we watch a movie without bad language? Can we search the net for "Picture of lady/man" anymore or are we swept away with the corruption of this world. Do we want to carry on having wars and living in unhappiness? The answer is no, something needs to be done to control the evil aspects. Boundaries, laws, regulations must be set to the standard in which evil will not take over. We cannot give up on controlling the world, and say that it is just going to kill ones freedom, No... something is needed to be done, we can help eliminate evil today. ...read more.

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