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Communities, Societies and Globalization.

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Communities, Societies and Globalization Throughout the reading, the definition of community has remained elusive. However many of the aspects that go into making up communities have come to light. The problem is that the things that it would take to make a truly great community are the opposites of what it to takes to have a great society. These factors also serve to make globalization almost impossible. But as we know nothing is impossible. Ferdinand Tonnies, who seems to be the overwhelming authority on the subject, firmly asserted the idea that true community could only be realized when the system and the people can come together because being together is right and that shared value unify more than any other system in play. The people must believe that ends serve the common good. The people must always be willing to work to make the community better for all who were born in it as well as those who choose to emigrate there. This is where the problem seems to lie. In many communities of our past, the "outsider" is always the feared element. The persons or people who have tried to become a part of a society have been met with many forms of discrimination. ...read more.


In our society it law that tries to assure that everyone gets a fair chance. The fact is that law can only do so much; it may still be undermined by the will of one. I do feel that these biases are the worst remnants of the communities that came before. Tonnies believed that entities such "ethnic communities" were actually just a factor of society. I believe this to be true. I also believe that the "ethnic community" is one of the first signs of a true community's breakdown. The outsiders will be given a part of town to call their own. They will have access to the resources of the community but it will be limited access. This separation leads to discrimination against certain groups. One of the major kinks in our society is that we refuse to believe that one individual can undermine our laws. Laws are a societies way to remove guilt about the fact that everyone is not really getting a fair shot. The law is how we curtail the feelings that would destroy a community as well as a society; it is unfathomable to most that it does not work. ...read more.


If you don't believe that this extremely difficult, just look around the neighborhood in which you live. Look to see if you can find any place where all cultures are welcome equally and the members embrace each other the same way. It is a fear of the unknown that has held back our growth as a people. Technology is also a factor that works against globalization. It allows people to move farther and farther away from each other. This is evident today in the forms of cars, phones, e-mail and other devices. It is also hurtful that many great leaps in technology have been brought about because war. We are a people obsessed with finding better ways to slaughter each other. For these reasons I feel that globalization is way off. I also believe that there are a few things that could help force the issue. One would be the emergence of a leader with ability to bring about a great change in thinking. This may well be far off. But there is another way. I believe that it would take a great peril that would be faced by all. This, I fear, is not that far off. We are constantly moving toward a society that can benefit all rather than a community that would benefit all. Jermaine Smith Sociology 3/24/03 Communities, Society and Globalization 4 ...read more.

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