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Compare how two television programmes you have studied offer comic representation of gender. Using Absolutely Fabulous and an episode of keeping up Appearances.

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Andy Gunner. Media. Mr Piper. Compare how two television programmes you have studied offer comic representation of gender. * Introduction In this essay I intend to use two sitcoms to answer the question. Gender representation is a major part of many sitcoms and I will be looking into why this is, and how they are represented comically. I will be using an episode of Absolutely Fabulous and an episode of Keeping Up Appearances to provide me with examples to support my ideas and opinions. * Absolutely Fabulous- Eddie- comical features: Over dressed, flamboyant & eccentric appearance No sense of moral or political correctness (buying merchandise from African villages) Physical behaviour- poor co-ordination of arms and hands- looks comical- lots of movement. (Example- when arrives late in & faces questioning from Saffy) Voice-sounds younger than she is & talks like she is younger- comical because trying to hide from her real age Language- talks like a teenager, talks to daughter like she is her mum (role reversal) ...read more.


Uses too much make up & has an overdone hairstyle. Addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. Tries to use and manipulate Saffy- uses sob story to make her appear on T.V show. Appears to be very shallow with not much of a life & few friends- when she is desperate to go to lunch with Eddie, as has no one else to go with. Generally most of her features are exaggerated to increase comical value. Other notes: Patsy and Eddie- more than best friends, rely on & need each other. Magazine editors- all similar to Patsy. Some appear very aristocratic. Main editor- very professional, smartly dressed, busy, taking what some would perceive as a male role. Patsy and Eddie try to get as much free stuff as they can from the building- demonstrates that although they behave like the others, they cant afford to live the lifestyle or dress the same. T.V show- Presenter is typical morning T.V presenter- dress, behaviour and style. ...read more.


Again, as with Richard, dry & sarcastic humour. Other Notes: more than gender issues- family & social as well. Hyacinth is centre of attention for all wrong reasons. Hyacinth and Richard have different values in life (far more material) to Daisy and her husband. Conclusion. I conclude that representation of gender is a major part of these two sitcoms. In absolutely fabulous, gender representation is used to make comical situations of women, but underneath, there is a moral and it is saying this is how women are and have ended up but that not all end up this way. It is showing the viewer how women can be, although this is a highly exaggerated situation, I'm sure many can relate to, or know somebody who relates to at least one of the characters in the show. It focus more on gender representation between family and close friends. However, Keeping Up Appearances focuses more on the gender representation and its comical values between relatives and neighbours from different social classes. Again, as with Ab Fab, it mostly features women and the comical features between them, and men play a smaller role. ...read more.

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