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Computer based technology are moving us into a world where the real is gradually being replaced by the virtual. Do you agree or disagree. Give examples.

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Computer based technology are moving us into a world where the real is gradually being replaced by the virtual. Do you agree or disagree. Give examples. What was impossible before has become possible now. With the swept of the wind computer based technologies have moved us from the real world to a virtual one and I very much agree with this statement. When talking of virtual reality, Barie Sherman and Phil Judkins describe it as 'truly the technology of miracles and dreams'. (Bell,2000:113).We cannot make our real world whatever we wish to make it but we can hide in virtual reality and dictate our terms on it and make it our world, the way we want it. We are living in the twenty first century and can't think a world without computers. Computer based technologies have caused old boundaries to be renegotiated thereby creating a new social and cultural sensibility. We have become accustomed to this technology, taking things at an interface value and using our technology to reflect on the human. Schools, colleges, workplaces all use technology for survival. It has been observed that students take recourse to the internet for their coursework's and people have started doing virtual work programs anytime and everywhere. Today it's a different experience working with computers. People turn to this machine that they hope will change their ways of thinking or affect their social and emotional lives. People explore simulation games, enter chartrooms where thy have friends and lovers and build an intimate relationship with computers. ...read more.


Here, the Mud players become Mud authors, the creators as well as the consumers of the content on the media. One pretends what one is not and can play a role as close to or as far as from the real self. This in turn provides anonymous social interaction. There is no physical interaction of the body so the obese can represent them as slender, the ugly as beautiful etc.This anonymity provides people a chance to discover their certain aspects of their self which have remained unexplored and people have the chance to play many characters at the same time. When people put on virtual masks and play a variety of characters they feel that they have the opportunities to express themselves.(Turkle,1996:245). The virtual world also offers escape from the harsh realities of the world. There have been instances where children have found refuge in the virtual world. In Iraq, computer games have offered a new world of respite for children from the grim realities of the explosion and the ongoing battles in Iraq. More than 130 boys and girls attend a computer course everyday which is offered by volunteers. Since most families are middle class and can't afford to have computers at homes, computer courses are given for free and this has become an essential element in lives of children who stay in a country, Iraq, which is ignored and underdeveloped.(Marwan Naamni,Children find refuge in a safer virtual world, www.smh.com.au/news/Icon/) ...read more.


The recent I Robot an action thriller by Will Smith is based on a collection of short stories by Isaac Asimov in which Will Smith plays a detective discovering serious threats to humans by robots. So will robots take over humans? This is issue which quite debating. But this virtual world has made robot at par to humans. The virtual world of computers has become a significant laboratory for experiment with the construction and reconstruction of self that characterize postmodern life. People fulfill their own deep wishes by role-playing and this has become a routine for their lives. MUD has also proved to be a psychological adjunct in real life by which they can escape anxiety and anger which is too dangerous to exercise in real life. I honestly feel that virtual world has become very powerful today. It has become an addiction for individuals because instances have proved that people have become obsessed with their identities online and seem to forget their real self. Apart from these disembodied identities the all aspects of work is now been covered by the virtual work programs and this is when tele-working comes into being. Ranging from top business executives, middleclass people and women everybody seems to do tele-working. It also gives women a secure work environment. They can work at homes as well as take care if childcare issues. As the virtual takes over the real world a feeling of insecurity takes over me . The very thought of robots, mere objects created by man taking over humans sends a shiver down my spine. ...read more.

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