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Construct an Argument That Shows How Work Influences the Identities which People Take Up

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Construct an Argument That Shows How Work Influences the Identities which People Take Up This essay will construct an argument that shows how work influences identiy. It will do this by considering the different ways that the job you do reflects the way people perceive your identity. It will also look at how identity through work has become much less structured, as people have had to react to a changing and more diverse job market, which has created much less permanent job opportunities, but also more choice as the more traditional industry has fallen into decline. Fifty years ago this essay would have been much easier to write, then in the era of traditional heavy industry such as steel, coal, and ship building whole communities and cultures grew up around them. Therefore a person could be very definite about their identity, class and gender role. ...read more.


of the person if only in a monetary basis and refers to the enormous equality that exists between the highest and lowest earners. It is interesting that people who work but yet are not paid i.e. housewives and carers seem to be thought less of than those who are paid for exactly the same work. And someone who maybe out of work yet very busy working for charity for example is somehow looked upon as not as worthy as a wage earner. This emphasises how important an influence working for a wage can be to a person's identity. People today have much more control over their work identity. With the fragmentation of heavy industry and the necessity for people to migrate to different parts of the country to find work there is no longer the large work orientated communities that once existed and would have had such a large influence on a persons choice of work and identity. ...read more.


This can come in many forms examples include gender dominated cultures or a common political ethos or racism and discrimination. A good example of this is the armed forces and the Metropolitan Police both of who have been described as having a deep-rooted racist culture. It would be very hard for anyone coming into an environment such as these not to be influenced to an extent where his or her identity was altered. So although there is now more choice of job opportunity and more chance that people will have to change jobs many times in a lifetime it is still likely that work will have a major influence on identity simply because society puts so much emphasis on paid work and we spend so much of our lives occupied with it. 778 WORDS ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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