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Coursework prose study

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Coursework prose study Compare and contrast the way in which the strong willed women are presented in the stories. Consider how the setting affects the actions of each women. We have studied stories that were written before 1914 and all featured strong women. Because the stories were written before the 1900's I had expected the women to be very docile, obedient and with no strong will of their own because at that time men were viewed to have more integrity and had higher social standing than women. The short stories that I am going to concentrate on are Turned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and The Necklace and Vendetta by Guy de Maupassant. In Turned Mrs Marroner is the main female character who is a rich Victorian wife in charge of a large household. Her and her husband have a happy but childless marriage though this seems to change when they employ a young servant girl called Gerta who the couple immediately take to because of her obedience and willingness to learn. However when Mr Marroner goes away on a long business trip Mrs Marroner intercepts a letter that is addressed to Gerta that reveals she is pregnant with Mr Marroner's baby. ...read more.


This is shown in the text when she states that a "women should have no social class; her place in society should depend upon her beauty, her grace and her charm." Though society at the time was completely class structured she believes that an ordinary woman should be able to "Compete with the grandest lady in the land." "The Vendetta" is set southern Italy during the late southern century. This was a place renowned for gangsters at that time. Widow Saverini is an old and crippled woman who in those times were expected to be peaceful and religious characters defies the stereo type of older female characters in those times. She actually goes to the church for Sacrament fully aware of the horrific deed she is going to commit. This behaviour would be expected more from a young impulsive man during those times. "Turned" begins with the two female characters having realised what has been happening. The characters are shown sobbing in two contrasting rooms to help us gain further knowledge about the characters backgrounds and personalities. The writer then explains how they reached this situation in a chronological order. One technique used to develop our understanding of Mrs Marroner is the use of extended metaphor. ...read more.


The stories all use the third person narrator which allows the reader to see all views and includes a balance of views by showing it from a neutral position. This enables the reader to make their own judgements about the characters. There are vast differences between the characters of the women and the situations they find them selves in. Though they all similarly are very determined and strong willed in order to gain what they want to achieve. Mrs Marroner remains strong willed in order to do the greater good and acts against what is expected of a woman of her status. Madame Loisel can also be viewed as strong willed because of her determination to pay off her debt though how strong willed she is can be questioned because unlike Mrs Marroner she placed herself in the situation because of her own obsession with material goods. Widow Saverini again maybe viewed as having strong will through her determination to kill her son's murder though you can argue that it would have taken a much stronger will to let justice take its course. I think that Mrs Marroner is the strongest willed of all the women because she unlike the other characters reacts in a moral and right way to resolve the situation that her husband placed her in. ...read more.

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