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Critically evaluate the sociological accounts of how individuals acquire their identities through the process of socialization.

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Critically evaluate the sociological accounts of how individuals acquire their identities through the process of socialization. The identity refers to the sense that someone has of who they are, of what is most important about them. There is strong relationship between the acquirement of the identity by individuals and the process of socialization. In the article, I will critically evaluate how does this acquirement take place, by contrasting the Social-action perspective and Social-structure perspectives, which are both criticized by the Feminist; and brought together by using Gidden's concept of structuration. In general, we can define there are two kinds of identity for each individuals in the society. The personal identity, it refers to how a personal think about others; and the social identity, it refers how they are perceived by others. These two kinds of identity help the individual to create the society in one hand, on the other hand, make the force of others (society) act to the individual on their range and choice of behaviours. To tell how the identity be created by people or acquired by from society and the process of socialization, we can contrast the Structuralist perspective and the Interactionist Perspective. ...read more.


The final point is that, to concern about the selves, we also try to manage our behaviours, which can be exemplified by the people's impression management. On another extreme side compare with Interactionist perspective, the Structural sociology argue that the people gain identity as the structural forces make them behave in certain more or less predictable ways. They consider the socialization process as the means, which societies shape the beliefs, understanding and behaviors of individuals. Due to this, the socialization, which is considered to be a powerful guiding force, create self-awareness of the people, as well as that category the people into particular forms of identity. Particularly in the Functionalist perspectives, the people will be forced to acted more or less predictably, because of that the social institutions can be seen as the only solution in order for individuals to survive or meet their needs. The Marxist is different from the Functionalist as it considers the class as the most important factors affecting the individual's identity in the process of socialization. The Marxist argues that other factors of identity are mainly determined by the class factor. ...read more.


Unlike the Feminist, which criticized both Interactionism and Structuralism, the Gidden's concept of structuration bring the these two approach together. He argues that neither structure nor action can exist independently; both of them are closely linked. In his view, the interactions of the individual members of the society create the identity in the process of socialization and at the same time the structure offer a place for the identity to make it meaningful, and functional or beneficial for certain roles of society. In this article, we have evaluated how the members of society acquire identity through the process of socialization, by using different perspectives. The Interactionism, which emphasize on the understanding, creativity and self-development of individuals in the process of the society. On the other hand, the structuralisms argue in the way that the individuals are shaped by the structure of the society. In addition, the article has state other perspectives' (i.e. Feminism, Concept of Structuration) view on this issue. Due to the research, we won't simply obey or judge any perspective. Instead of that, now we could be noted more about what are the general differences in different sociological theories by doing those researches. ...read more.

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