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Culture is the way of life of a society.

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Culture & Society Culture is the way of life of a society. It is the traditions, values and norms that are passed down form generation to generation. The culture of a society is a direct way of relating a society to its people. The way in which people of a society learn of their culture is through the process of socialisation. Class & Culture The culture of an individual in a society is dependent on their socialisation and the way there are socialised is dependent on the social class they are born into since the primary or first way in which an individual is socialised is through the family. Karl Marx suggested in his "Conflict Theory" that society is made up of two main classes; the capitalist class(bourgeoisie) and the working class(proletariat).Therefore I believe that each class would have their own beliefs, norms and values that make up their social class. Therefore the culture that is taught to an individual from the time of birth is dependent on the social class he or she is born into. ...read more.


Emile Durkhiem theorised in his "Consensus Theory" that consensus change is a necessity in order for there to be a balance in society. But shouldn't this consensus change be for the better? In recent years Barbados has undergone a severe cultural penetration since the introduction of satellite/cable Tv. The foreign media has affected the cultural basis of Barbados by affecting its future generation; The Youth. This cultural penetration has changed the beliefs, norms and values that defined out culture. This change as a result affects our thought process and our decision making, since people of a society 'consult' or look to their values and norm before making decisions as the decide what is acceptable for their society . If adopting The Marxist perspective on this cultural change then, it can be said that this cultural change may be due to the imposition of the dominant ideologies of the capitalist class on the non-capitalist class of society. Karl Marx noted that the dominant ideas are those of the capitalist class. ...read more.


Counteraction of Cultural Penetration and Degradation The main agents of socialisation; the family, school and the church have all been affected by the cultural penetration of foreign ideologies. If the bajan culture is still viewed to be important to us their must be consensus change to reverse the negative impact on our culture. In recent years there has been attempt to combat the effect of the foreign media on our culture and society. The present government of Barbados has made an attempt to show at least 80% local or regional programming on the local TV station as to minimise the effects of the foreign media. However these attempts must go into the schools, where cultural identity must be instilled from young. Social Action Theorist believe that institutions are created by individuals to influence each other, so belief also is that we can use school which is our secondary means of socialisation to influence individuals about our cultural identity. In conclusion I belief that we as Barbadians must respect culture and keep it intact as long as we possibly can. ...read more.

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