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Dear diary,Today was......well.....em

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Dear diary, Today was......well.....embarrassing, to say the least. I met up with my friends in town. We went round some shops, got this really nice top, Dave helped me choose. Well, after spending a couple of hours wandering about we all decided to go to the coffee shop, the one down on Regent Street. It's usually really cool, everyone's so laid back and you really can relax. The coffee isn't too bad either. So we went up to order, Dave and I. "Two chocolate frappacinnos and a regular coffee please." Man, did I get a look of the lady behind me. I was like, what's wrong with you?! I slowly followed her gaze and found it resting on my hand. I was holding hands with Dave. So what? Big deal. He's my partner. I'll do what I want with him. So, we sat down at our regular table, drinking our regular coffees. Dave was being really sweet, he kept on just giving me gentle kisses on my cheek, I was really happy.... The waitress came over. "Excuse me. This has nothing to do with the staff. We don't have a problem with what you are..." ...read more.


I think in other words, this means that homosexuals could cover up these feelings if they had enough pressure put on them. Is homosexuality acquired? It is a very hard question to answer, and I don't think I can really answer it with anything other than, I think it depends on the individual. Forgetting about reproduction, imagine we were all expected to be homosexuals from birth and the heterosexuals were the "evil" ones. Do you think that these homophobic would be homosexual? I think they would. they think of homosexuals as being bad because the gay community is the minority, and the heterosexuals have no worries, as they are with the majority. Another reason for homophobia, which I suppose is linked to religion, is parenting and education. In the home, if a parent has a negative view towards homosexuals it is likely that it will be learnt by their children. I am very grateful that I grew up in an environment that was very open to all sorts of cultures. Many people hold huge prejudges against gay men, they think that a sexual relationship between two males is unnatural and some say that "AIDS is a plague sent from god." ...read more.


When this does not happen it comes as a huge shock. Some people, wanting there children to have a happy life, think that this cannot be achieved with their new lifestyle and can't accept it. Slowly this idea of a gay couple having a family of their own is coming to reality. Although you cannot legally marry someone of the same sex, some churches offer a substitute ceremony blessing the relationship. Only two years ago Tony Barlow and Barrie Drewitt, a gay couple from England had twins after being rejected for adopting. With the help of modern day science and a surrogate mother it is very possible to build up a family but only for a large price. Tony and Barrie also fought to get both their names as the legal parents of their new babies and won the case. There were a lot of prejudges against the couple saying that it was immoral and unnatural. I don't necessarily agree with surrogacy, but the idea of a gay couple having a family is a huge breakthrough. What we need in Britain is for homosexuality to be an issue. Homosexuals are people, just like you and I. They deserve all opportunities given to everyone else in society. They deserve a happy, peaceful, fair life. ...read more.

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