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Despite ongoing changes in society, sexism still remains a burning issue" - Discuss

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"Despite Ongoing Changes In Society, Sexism Still Remains A Burning Issue". Discuss "Discriminating in favour of members in one sex; assuming a person's abilities and social function are predetermined by his or her sex." - Definition of sexism taken from the Oxford English Dictionary. Sexism today is everywhere. Our society is extremely sexist. "1, an organized community; a system of living in this. 2; people of the higher social classes. 3; company, companionship. 4; a group organized for a common purpose."(also taken from the Oxford English Dictionary), the definition of society, meaning simply states the society as it would be as if it is ideal, but it is far from it if we looked at it from a gender researchers point of view. Times are changing; our society is not as stereotypical as it has been in the past. There have been many changes in society to reduce sexism. In 1918 women finally won the right to vote after fifty-two years of campaigning. In the end women had to resort to methods of violence just to fight for the same rights as men. "In Victorian times writers (mostly men) were fascinated by the idea of an ideal woman. She was a very desirable creature innocent but sensual, passive but alert, and always obedient to men. ...read more.


In the past women were not even entitled to the right to a free education, this changed in the middle of the nineteenth century, but black women were not entitled to a free education until the middle of the twentieth century. This shows us that women did not have as much respect as men and that still carries on today, but not as severely. Women are thought to stay at home and cook while the husband is at work. This is changing now partly because there is a considerable amount of male chefs on television. Young girls are thought to be very delicate, and are described as food, whereas young boys are thought to be rough and dirty and are described as animals: Girls "Sugar and spice and all things nice, thats what little girls are made of!" Boys "Slugs and snails and puppy dog's tails, that's what little boys are made of!" Clearly whoever wrote these little sayings had a very narrow mind, and the time in society in which these were wrote was very narrow-minded. When women are described as food they are described as sweet foods such as; crumpets and honey. When women are described as animals they are described as animals which are thought as to be ugly and medalling: cow, minx, dog. ...read more.


women working instead of staying at home doing housework. The article also comments on how men are taking women's roles', "Everywhere we look these days, we see the complete feminisation of men." The 'Daily Star' newspaper is also aimed at men. It has countless pictures of women (clothed and un-clothed), male dominated sports and adverts for men's magazines. In one particular issue, (Saturday, September, 28, 2002), there was an article supposed to be about a golfer, but was mostly about his girlfriend, "Tiger Woods' gorgeous girlfriend Ellin Nordegren." Another article in 'The Evening Echo' publicised Wednesday, February, 2nd, 2002, was about a woman who worked in a post office who had to battle just for the right to wear trousers, "they can wear trousers and will not now be facing a disciplinary hearing." This quote shows just how sexist our society is, women having to battle just to wear trousers. On television there are mostly male newsreaders though sometimes on the odd occasion there might be a man and a woman reading it together. The news on television, again only reports on male dominated sports with a female presenter, which shows who the sports are aimed at. I think our society is extremely sexist, but it is getting better, we have moved on very far since the Victorian times. But some people live their lives in the past and are a lot more sexist than others. ...read more.

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