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Discuss and evaluate Desmond Morris's article on'Territorial Behavior'.

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'TERRITORIAL BEHAVIOR'- Desmond Morris In this essay I intend to discuss and evaluate Desmond Morris's article on 'Territorial Behavior'. After reading his article, and having taken into account his thoughts and perceptions, I feel I can relate to as well as appreciate the most part of what he wrote, however, on the other hand, our opinions differentiate moderately over certain aspects of the article .Morris defines a territory as a 'defended space'. In my perspective, I find this definition somewhat vague as it fails to further educate the reader. By this I mean it does not deliver a sufficient amount of information needed to enhance the readers' knowledge from what they already apprehend. In my opinion, the instinct of territorialism is by definition a powerful driving force in a species' control of the environment, and therefore this leads me to presume that if one has more room, then in turn one has more access to resources. ...read more.


After reading Morris's article, I felt a sense of calm and relief after realizing that this is simply part of human nature. I agree with Morris's outlook, whereby he states 'It's hard to feel a sense of belonging with a tribe of fifty million or more'. I believe that as species, we are social beings who live our lives in the company of other humans. We establish ourselves into various types of social groupings, such as towns, villages, cities and countries, in which we work, trade and interact in a multitude of different ways. Unlike any other species, we incorporate socialization with deliberate changes in social behavior and organization over time. As a result the patterns of human society differ from place to place, era to era and across cultures, making the social world an immensely complex and dynamic environment. Living in a multicultural nation like America and it being the superpower that it is today, it's impossible to create one large social group that will cater to the needs of every individual. ...read more.


Within a large society, there are many groups with distinctly different subcultures associated with region, ethnic origin, or social class. What we need to put into practice as a whole is to appreciate one another for who we are and what we believe in. From my personal point of view, I found Morris's article to be both intriguing as well as educational, in the sense that he made me put into perspective circumstances that I normally wouldn't have even considered thinking twice about. He refreshed my outlook on the world we live in today and in turn gave me a more in-depth understanding of people of different creeds and backgrounds. It's through reading his article that I have created an interest in educating myself on how us humans have evolved and developed over time to have established a powerful and successful nation such as America. ...read more.

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