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Discuss how far sociologists would agree that school factors are the most important influence on achievement?

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Sociology 12 mark answer. Discuss how far sociologists would agree that school factors are the most important influence on achievement? Many factors influence educational achievement, school and home factors influence students to either do good or bad in school. Examples of these could be parents and how they get involved in the students education and setting classes. First of all, some sociologist such as Marxists believe students who come from a working class background tend to do worse than students who come from a high class background; this could be because of material deprivation. This is a big influence on student?s educational achievement as they do not have enough money to buy the necessary equipment for school such as revision guides. ...read more.


Another reason which can cause a self-fulfilling prophecy is labelling, labelling is when a teacher places a label on (stereotypes) someone because of reasons such as social class, ability in class, attitude to learning and ethnicity. Marxists believe that it is only working class pupils that are negatively stereotypes and that middle class pupils are positively stereotyped. Parental influence can affect someone?s educational achievement as if a student?s parent hated school as a child and didn?t get the grades they needed, it can cause the student to act the same. On the other hand it could cause them to progress better in school as they will want to achieve more than their parents. Also if a student?s parent greatly cared about their child?s education then it could cause them to do well in school, although it could cause them to ...read more.


Ofsted has a major impact on educational achievement, if Ofsted go to a school and find it unsatisfactory they can put the school into ?special measures? which is where the school has to meet the demands of Ofsted to give the student?s to receive better education and improve achievement. If the school continues to fail Ofsted?s expectations it could close down all together. This affects people?s educational achievement as if the school has been put into ?special measures? it means the school wasn?t helping the students to increase their achievement. In conclusion school and home factors both have a big influence, but overall most sociologists believe that school factors are more important than other factors. Although there are some sociologists that can prove that other factors have a bigger influence. ...read more.

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