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Discuss the changes in marriage over the last 50 years

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´╗┐Discuss the changes in marriage over the last 50 years Over the last 50 years marriage has changed massively, for a start more people are starting to cohabitate instead of getting married, some people see cohabitating as the easier option instead of getting married as you act the same as you would if you were married. People can do this as it is cheaper and it saves the hassle of arranging and putting on a wedding. ...read more.


These statistics are all taken from a newspaper article 'job scares, divorce payoffs and that lavish do: why marriages rates have plummeted' and show how much is changing. Almost every family has problems as a normal part of living together. Many problems can be worked out in the home. But some problems are difficult to solve. Unsolved problems may result in unhappiness and lead to a breakdown of the family. According to problems, functions of family are changing. ...read more.


With the existence of such programs, the family is no longer solely responsible for overcoming all the social problems that affect it. Fewer marriages are now more popular as women have greater freedom and choice and cohabitation is now socially acceptable. The effects of this is that there are more single households and more people are cohabitating. Sociologists think that feminists would support this view as the women also have rights to what they want to do and what is best in the situation e.g might not want the responsibility of getting married and it is easier if you don?t have kids to cohabitate. ...read more.

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