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Discuss the consequences Of an ageing population

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Stephen Walker 11BH Discuss the consequences Of an ageing population An ageing population is when the average age of the population increases each year. This is caused because of more widespread medical facilities, which can cater for sick or injured people quicker, and, because of advances in modern technology and scientific research, more vaccines and treatments for illnesses have been discovered. This means that people are more likely to live longer than they would have done fifty years ago. In this essay I am going to explain what consequences of having an ageing population are. My first point is that when people get past the age of around 60-65, they will be claiming a state pension. ...read more.


The fact that people would not be in work would lower their social status, as they are not earning money. As mentioned previously elderly people who claim a state pension are likely to be in poverty. This is another factor, which would reduce their social status. This would then make it that their status in society would 'hit rock bottom' and would often be forgotten about. The offspring of the elderly would be likely to find themselves in financial hardship from the fact that they are having to earn money to support themselves, their children, (if they have any), and their parents. An example where they would have to provide for them would be if they were placed in a nursing home of some kind. ...read more.


Otherwise there would be an overcrowding situation in many households. More elderly people also increase the chance of crimes being committed, as elderly people are targets for burglars, vandals, and the like. This would have a negative impact on the community, or even the nation as a whole, as the amplification of crime in the media would have people afraid to leave their houses for fear of burglary. In conclusion, the consequences of an ageing population are that the government will have less money to spend on other areas of society, many peoples social status would decrease, financial and social hardship for the relatives of the elderly would be present, the need for housing would increase, and the possibility of crime would also increase. ...read more.

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