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Divorce Essay

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Divorce is a major cause of changing family patterns and greater family diversity. For example most re-marriages involve a divorce and a divorce creates both lone-parent families and one-person households. Since the 1960's, there has been a greater increase in the number of divorces in the United Kingdom. The number of divorces doubled between 1961 and 1969, and doubled again by 1972. The upward trend continued and peaking in 1993 at 180,000. Since then numbers have fallen somewhat, but still stood at 157,00 in 2001 and six times higher than in 1961. This rate means that about 40% of all marriages will end in divorce. About 7 out of every 10 petitions for divorce now come from women. This is in sharp contrast to the situation in the past. For example in 1946 only 37% of petitions came from women which are barely half today's figure. The commonest reason for a woman to be granted a divorce is the unreasonable behaviour of her husband. Some couples are more likely than others to divorce. ...read more.


This refers to the decline in the influence of religion in society. Many sociologists argue that religious initiations and ideas are losing their influence and society is becoming more secular. For example church attendance rates continue to decline. As a result of secularisation the traditional opposition of the churches to divorce carries less weight in society and people are less likely to be influenced by religious teachings when making decisions. For example according to 2001 Census data, 43% of young people with no religion were cohabiting as against only 34% of Christians, 17% of Muslims, 11% of Hindus and 10% of Sikhs. At the same time many churches have also begun to soften their views on divorce and divorcees, perhaps because they fear losing credibility with large sections of the public and with their own members. The third reason for the increase of divorce is the rising expectations of marriage. Functionalist sociologists such as Ronald Fletcher argue that the higher expectations people place on marriage today is a major cause of rising divorce rates. ...read more.


In the past marriages were later and life expectancy was lower. This meant there were shorter marriages. Remarriages due to death of the spouse were common. Higher divorce rates simply reflect the potentially longer duration of marriage. Lower fertility rates also have a big impact for example today there are more children being born with a disability. I believe that we cannot choose a certain reason to explain why the divorce rate is increasing. It isn't just the one problem that we can identity to be more significant than the others. As I believe that they are all interrelated. They all connect so that it is together they add up to become the reason why divorce is increasing since world war two. Explaining divorce rate is very complex and there are many factors to consider when explaining the increase divorce rate. But as D.H Morgan states 'we have no idea how many people would have availed themselves of divorce in the past had it economically more accessible. Divorce like foreign holidays may simply be something that is now available to increasable large numbers of the population rather than confine to an elite. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kirsty Downey 13D Divorce Essay ...read more.

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