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DO CONSERVATIVES PLACE SOCIAL STABILITY BEFORE ECONOMIC FREEDOM? Conservatism has been concerned with both social stability and economic freedom although the balance between the two depends on the dominant tradition at any point in time. The concern with social stability grows out of the belief in an organic society, which highlights the need to protect and strengthen the fragile fabric of society. Social stability is social harmony and equality of status between the rich who have a duty to help the poor and the poor. One-nation conservatism which endorses social welfare and economic intervention on the grounds that social and political stability require that economic inequality is contained. Burke was a traditional conservative who believed in the organic state and therefore also believed in collectivism. Traditional conservatives are motivated by the organic state. They do not put individual before society - they believe in collectivism. If they believe we are one-nation they must believe in social stability. They believe in stability because of the organic state. ...read more.


Social reform shows social stability because it is bringing the public together and by supporting the state, they are also promoting stability. Harold Macmillan's 'middle way', he advocated a sort of planning in a mixed economy by which the industries will be nationalised, run by the state. It illustrates stability because it is the idea of the organic state. It is the idea of keeping social cohesion. When the conservatives came back in 1951 they accepted the welfare state and the NHS nationalisation. They accepted it because it was popular and so helped to maintain stability. Burke accepted capitalism therefore this demonstrates his belief in the economic freedom. As a traditional conservatism he believed in property. The belief in property suggest economic freedom, however it also suggest social stability because owning a house gives you a sense of belonging. There has always been a strand of liberal conservatism within the ideology, liberal have particularly liked capitalism e.g. ...read more.


If you victimised single parents and gays this would not be social stability as it is not one nation. The riot which was provoked in Brixton by the police was a good example of alienation because it was too authoritatrian and the police had too much power. Post new right - neo liberalism has always been strong, so therefore the y believe in economic freedom because ehtey have dropped neo-conservatism except in foreign policy. In other words they are now for single parents and gay rights e.g. meeting with stonewall, gay organisation. Tax credits, single parents will not be discrimintaed againts. Cameron's belief in social responsibility links to social stabiliy. Cameron believs in economic freedom because he wants to reduce income tax. He does not want to regulate business. All conservative leaders have dropped neo-conservatism because they were not anti-gay rights, single parent families. However, they are when it comes to froeign policy. So to what extent to which conservatives place social stability to economic freedom is debateable. ...read more.

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