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Do Gender Role Stereotypes exist in children(TM)s fairy tale stories?

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Do Gender Role Stereotypes exist in children's fairy tale stories? I am currently working on a piece of sociological coursework which requires me to explore the relationship between children's fairy tale stories and gendered roles. From birth biological differences exist between males and females. Sociologists refer to this as sex differences. As we grow older these differences between males and females involve more than biology; they are gendered. Gendered roles are learned. They guide us to behave and perform in ways which fulfill our gender role stereotype. This is achieved via the process of socialisation. When talking in relation to the nature vs. nurture debate, sociologists believe that our gender roles are nurtured by our parents, societal expectations and media influences. The main aim of my coursework is to find out if gender role stereotypes exist in children's fairy tale stories. I aim to do this by looking at the ways in which fairytale images transform into guided behaviours. ...read more.


I also want to understand this topic from a sociological point of view and therefore, I will also be using these sources to find out if what I have discovered pairs up to other sociologist's discoveries. My first results came from an article called Ecclectical. The article was written by a sociologist called Teya Cherland and was publicised in April 2006. In it, Teya explained that young boys and girls hide themselves away from reality because fairytales make them feel insecure of the true beauty that exists within them. Other than this, she outlined that boys and girls find it hard to distinguish reality from the so-called "dream world" that they visualise from watching T.V. She said, "Children's literature plays a key role in shaping a child's perception of those around her/him and the world they live in." She then carried on saying "it is vital to understand how they view real life" This made it clear, her belief was that fairytale stories deliver wrong messages to young kids and make them feel a certain way which can build on their insecurities. ...read more.


Much of her information supported the idea that the way in which boys and girls are brought up affects they way they feel about "gender role stereotyping" when their older. The following quote was mentioned in the article. "Murdock (1949) and Parsons (1955), who were functionalists, both thought that women and men had inbuilt differences that made women more suitable to be carers and men to be breadwinners." This links in with my investigation because in order to find out whether gender role stereotypes exist in children's fairytale stories, I need to understand the true meaning of the term "gender role" and how society portrays it which is provided for me in this source. Overall, all of my chosen sources have enhanced my understanding on my chosen ton topic. I am now able to use this information to help me t answer and evaluate my essay title. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Sakaynah Hunter Ms. Murphy ...read more.

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