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Durkheim & Functionalism Durkheim looked at how the big things affected the little people in society; the 'top-down' approach'

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Durkheim & Functionalism Durkheim looked at how the big things affected the little people in society; the 'top-down' approach'. - using systematic research - the idea of social structure - the idea of imperial research He came up with the idea of SOCIAL FACTS - these refer to social structures and cultural norms These 'social facts' are independent institutions that affect the way that people behave Durkheim argued that sociology should study these social facts, arguing that the belief systems, customs and institutions of society and the facts of the social world should all be considered as things in the same way as the objects and events of the natural world. ...read more.


morality, collective conscience) There were 3 main areas that Durkheim looked at: 1 - The transition from primary to modern society Primitive society he referred to as 'mechanistic' society Modern society he referred to as 'organic' society 2 - Suicide Durkheim concluded that the structure of society at any time affects the degree of social solidarity, this measured by the number of suicides. 3 - The idea of religion As society modernise, there was more than one way to show collective sentiment, and therefore religion became less important There were 3 main things that Durkheim emphasised: o Social Solidarity 'We belong to a common society, based upon things such as common culture, socialisation, basic values and norms. ...read more.


behaviour that is society; the 'will' of society Functionalists analyse how education fits into overall structure of society and its function it fulfils, and Durkheim was no different. He saw education as having a vital role to play in integrating industrial society and creating social solidarity through the teaching of norms and values. And it is these common norms and values that any society must have, according to Durkheim and functionalists in general. But he suggests that also deviance can still be functional for society as it can strengthen social solidarity, by punishing those who break the law. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andy Watkins U6W 12/09/2005 ...read more.

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