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E.M.Forster: A Room with a View.

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E.M.Forster: A Room with a View Edward Morgan Forster, (1879-1970), was an English novelist and essayist, whose novels were written in a style notable for its conciseness and fluidity, which explored the attitudes that created barriers between people. At the beginning of the Edwardian Era, Forster wrote three novels: "Where Angels Fear to Tread" (1905), "The Longest Journey" (1907) and "A Room with a View" (1908). The construction of these three novels was a reaction to lengthy, formally plotted Victorian fiction. Somewhat autobiographical, they also sounded a common theme prevalent in Forsters essays: the need to temper middle-class materialism with due consideration of things of the mind and imagination, in order to achieve harmony and understanding. ...read more.


The era set its mark on a generation, at least on those members of it who were able to enjoy what it had to offer in money, pleasure and travel. For those who lived in this London season, life was not only prosperous but also materialistic. Even in the middle classes this 'golden age' led them to lead a sheltered life. The harshness of social inequality had its roots in history. The great void that separated the rich from the poor was enormously enhanced by the social attitudes of the time, there was a large contrast between the extravagant lives of the rich, and the narrow hard existence of the working class. ...read more.


The value of pay for workers declined throughout the period, and it was not until 1913 that wages rose as much as they had in 1901. A host of social programs to alleviate poor living conditions had a limited impact. The poor constituted nearly one-third of the population, and many of them were destitute. Through "A Room with a View", Forster voiced his frustrations about the materialism and snobbery from the higher classes. He thought the distribution of wealth was wrong and unfair, and tried to portray the enormous barriers in society. In writing this book, Forster wanted people to appreciate the 'undeveloped heart' of the English middle classes, and how the differences in society has changed and will continue to change. Rachel Bingham ...read more.

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