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Enough is never enough.

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ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH AHHHHHHHH!! What am I going to wear today? Every morning, this seems to be a problem, even though I have closets full of clothes and no more space to actually place my clothes since every possible place has been filled. But, I feel I don't have enough, because it seems I've worn just that top yesterday and the other "Gap" black one, on Wednesday. I guess I'll just have to go shopping once more, since I just don't have enough! Enough is never enough. Whether it is a lust for material, social or political "stuff", we simply want more. I live in a first world country, with all the luxuries of life in a house, with a delightful 3 times meal, nice, new shiny cars parked outside- allowing me to go whenever and wherever I want. Basically, for most of us here in Canada, it's the best life can ever get! But why is it that we continuously just demand more and more? Or even better we claim we "need" more. A want, all of a sudden becomes a need - something we couldn't survive without. But, it's no different for me. I have a huge collection of different types of shoes for different seasons, and the collection just seems to be looking old and I actually think it needs an update, because the last time I bought shoes was just last week, when the new boots came out in style. ...read more.


Why does it feel that we don't have enough freedom? But, I just thought, we did. Maybe we should be put in a communist country such as China where public criticism of government is not permitted, and the rights of the state take precedence over those of the individual. That way it would be more fun seeing people complain and trying to get their way across to a communist government. Many of us are well employed and the companies we work for promise us many things, such as benefits, but several of the occupations, such as teachers are still asking for a raise in the pay since its not an adequate pay for them. We are paying all those taxes and even though we are getting safer roads and a health care system, in return, we feel it's too much and want a tax cut. Why does it feel like the government is ripping us off? We have the ability to make choices, get education at any age, attend free language classes, read free books at the library, play at the community center but the list just seems to be looking shorter. We are still fighting with the government against the high tuition cost and the small size of the libraries. We are waiting for new political leaders to come into place and change the way things are being done politically, and make decisions that are a benefit to the society or us, which is constantly changing. ...read more.


However, the government will see this as a negative impact on their financial budget and wont see it at all as a financial crisis for students attending universities and colleges. It all comes down to whose point of view we are looking through. In my opinion, if the social or political want is a one that will help everyone in society, and not harm anything, it's an agreeable thing. We can fight and protest for it since it's something only citizens can see and the government can't and its up to us as responsible citizens to have the political leaders open their eyes and recognize that it's for a good cause. It's the only way to be able to improve our society and the world we live in. If companies for example, were asking for laws that would be damaging to the environment such as no pollution control or being able to throw chemicals in the water, they would be seen as a social greed. The government hasn't allowed this law to take place for a specific reason and it should be kept that way. As time passes and changes occur in style and technology the lust for new things seem logical as long as there isn't a continuous desire. We just need to draw a line sometimes to exactly where the limits are for searching and fighting for extra of everything, sometimes that can justify the good and bad. We should be able to stay within them, and the person that exactly decides the limits is - us. ...read more.

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