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Evaluate explanations of why girls have improved in education

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Evaluate explanations of why girls have improved in education. In this essay I will be looking at and explaining the strengths and weaknesses of explanations of why girls have improved in education. I will be taking into consideration that there are divisions within social groups and not all girls achieve or do the same. For example middle class girls will achieve higher marks than working class girls, Asian girls will achieve higher marks than white girls, and Bangladeshi girls and boys will always do worse than any other social group. This means that depending on your class and ethnicity, this will determine how well you do in education. Statistics have shown that in 1975 only 7% of males and 9% of females obtained 5 or more A* to C grades, whereas in 1991 another survey was taken out and they found that percentages have improved with both genders, 13% of males and 17% of females achieved 5 or more A* to C grades. ...read more.


show their full potential towards their work and they can show more confidence and more effort towards their work, instead of being distracted by the 'clowns of the class' (boys). Although this is not an explanation, I believe the following, in the future will start to benefit girls improvements in education, GIST (girls into science and technology) is where visits from female scientist happen, schools let this happen because this is an example of positive role models, although at the moment this has not improved girls status or grades in school. Because of social shifts, employment opportunities for females have risen meaning that female will be more keen and have higher expectation in getting a job, so they will try harder to get high grades and put more effort into getting them. Because of these higher expectations females tend to focus more on getting a good job and having a good role in life rather than having a family at an early age. Now the average age for a women giving birth is 29 years old compared to an earlier age before then 1986 improvement for girls in education. ...read more.


OFSTED (1996) found that distractions in the class were responsible for children underachieving in their GCSE's. Boys are the main distraction in a classroom for both genders and themselves; the result of this is that everybody does not reach their full potential. After analysing all the above evidence I believe that girls have improved in education because of all the new advantages that are now available to girls such as the introduction of GCSE's and coursework, although as well as this I believe males are also gradually getting worse at school because there are too many distractions around, this means that males are actually underachieving, and this makes females look like they are improving even more in education. Although these drastic improvement have only started to occur since 1986 but I believe that these improvements will carry on getting better and better. At the moments there are divisions between social groups and not all girls achieve the same, although I believe that one-day most girls will take advantage of the help around them and they will reach their full potential. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emily Mather 12HB Mrs Harvey Essay 5th February 2006 ...read more.

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