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Evaluate The Contribution Of Feminist Ideas To The Role Of Women In Society.

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Evaluate The Contribution Of Feminist Ideas To The Role Of Women In Society. Centuries ago, women were perceived as having a very different level of equality to men. They were looked down on and had a defined role - to be a slave to men in the home. Since then, there have been advances in the world of women due to the work of feminists. They realised that in the past women have been greatly ignored and so they set out to offer ways of change to this perspective. Liberal feminists helped to create greater equality between sexes with important political changes, such as votes for women in 1928, Equal Pay and Sex Discriminations Act 1970+75, and in the early 90's rape in marriage was made illegal. ...read more.


Fran Ainsley looked at how women are exploited and found this occurred to a great degree in the workforce and also by their husbands. All these ideas have made women more aware of their situations. Feminists have worked to change attitudes and so their contribution to society has in fact made a lot of difference. They have promoted law and contributed to changing language. However, they do not think about or recognise that women are still generally in low paid and low status occupations. Also, particularly in the case of radical feminists, their ideas and proposals are not really realistic. Black feminism is a more recent development. They are critical of other types of feminism, believing that they do not consider women of different ethnic backgrounds and societies. ...read more.


As well, it is possible that due to the attitudes feminism has brought about, the New Man was created. On the other hand, there have been criticisms of feminism, which I will outline. Men are not at all considered in a positive way. They also have difficulties and must find it hard to play up to the role of being breadwinner and being expected to be emotionally involved. Some feminists think feminism has gone too far in criticising men as the real milestones have been overcome e.g. equal pay, maternity rights. The New Right are saying that feminism has encouraged single parent families and damaged the family. Power feminists believe that some feminists have made women victims by portraying a worse situation than exists. Feminism has indeed changed society. There are positive and negative aspects of feminism but there is no doubt in saying that the world has benefited from it. ...read more.

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