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Evaluate the social impacts of establishing a 24 hour society

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Evaluate the social impacts of establishing a 24 hour society The notion of a 24 hour society has emerged in response to the increased fluidity of individual timescales. The idea of 'time-shifting' has created a demand for certain services outside of the traditional 'Nine to Five' timeframe. "[Time-shifting] ...dictates how activities might be better timed to coincide with people's needs and interests." (Worpole. K, 1992, Pg 29) Whether this applies to large supermarkets in rural areas, or entire districts of major cities, the implications on society are as diverse as they are severe. In the first part of this analysis I shall focus on the leisure and evening economy, moving onto the service industry, before examining whether specialist high-tech markets have the same social impacts. An effective indicator of the kinds of impacts establishing a 24 hour society has socially is found by examining the changing leisure industry. "Fewer and fewer people are defining themselves by their job rather than by their leisure activities or lifestyle; the latter are the new sources of personal identity." ...read more.


(Hubbard et al, 2002, pg 207) Here I think it is important to highlight the social inequalities the establishment of a 24 hour society creates. Depending on both your location within society, and the location of that society in the global network; "The connected society is both liberating and imprisoning" (Krietzman. L, 1999, "Pg 149) The evening economy is an essential factor in establishing an effective 24 hour society. Attracting people who would not ordinarily be present is a key idea in both policy making and the success of a 24 hour society. In the 24 hour city "The key feature of the evening economy is alcohol licensing." (Johnston et al, 2000, Pg 419) By relaxing alcohol licensing councils accept that there must also be increased service provision which includes increased refuse collection and more community policing. "Clubs and Bars participate in 'responsible host' schemes, designed to manage not only entry, but also the departure of customers." ...read more.


The research and development can mainly be attributed to affiliations with educational institutions, most if not all manufacture and after-care is outsourced, often internationally. The choice of certain locations, located in different timezones allows for 24 hour service provision, with more traditional working timeframes. An example of this occurs at a well known university at the heart of a truly 24 hour city, The London School of Economics. As part of a joint initiative with an Australian institution, IT support is provided on a 24 hour basis, with each IT department covering the hours of normal closure. Ironically this can only be achieved with the advances in communication technology which established the 24 hour society, and the social implications that impact as a consequence. While it can be said that technology has created the climate in which a 24 hour society can be established: "As [cities]try to reinvent themselves, the 24 hour society is more a collection of ideas and methods than a literal description." (Krietzman. L, 1999, pg 38) These ideas and methods employed by policy makers and industrial actors have no less social impacts on society. ...read more.

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