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Evaluate the view that religion in an important source of moral values in contemporary societies

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Evaluate the view that religion in an important source of moral values in contemporary societies Over the past century there has been a great differ in the views of the people of how people see religion and how important and how influential it is to our modern contemporary societies today. Too a large extent in our infrastructure today religion does play a vital part in how society runs. Religion especially helps integration between people. Before the industrial revolution quite a vast population would integrate with each other through church services and would socialise through that agency. Even in contemporary societies such activities take place for example in the Gurdwara there are youth clubs and clubs for the elderly whereby people can get to know each other. Religion also teaches us how to behave and acts as a unconscious policing action. Using Sikhism again as an example religion teaches us that they should cover their head before praying to whom they worship and not eating meat. However this has slightly changed from past times as people do eat meat however the vast majority are vegetarian. ...read more.


However it is alright discussing how religion has still its importance in contemporary society however it has also declined. Also religion is misused to give religion a bad name by their followers. An example of this is Al-quaeda in Iraq. There has been a great deal of secularisation among the population as there isn't much temple attendance as their once used to be. Parish records of nowadays seem to show less attendance which shows that religion to people has become less of a priority which once was of higher importance. Also in contemporary society there are many more religions to follow other than the 6 main ones that exist in the UK at the moment. People are joining internet religions. This sort of arrangement opposes Durkhiems theory of a collective conscience as if there are loads of different beliefs then a collective conscience can never exist as people will have different beliefs. Nowadays there are much higher divorce and abortion rates that totally contradict a strong sense of religion in society. This again shows a decline in religion in society today. Religion teaches us to live by rules. Such as the 10 commandments. ...read more.


Evidence also showed that religious bishops at the top level have not come from a ordinary background either. The top bishops are the ones that attended public schools and then went to go onto Cambridge or Oxford University. This shows that even though the religious system should promote equality that even religion was unequal. Feminists also argued their point. Feminists found that they were treated with less respect because of religion. They argue that religion promotes patriarchy within society. They feel they are oppressed by the male figure within society. Fundamentalists in Iraq Al- Quaeda made women cover them selves up and to stay within the household and turn back to traditional views or otherwise were killed. Overall as in the introduction mentioned there is a vast opinion on how important religion is in modern society today. It can be said that yes religion is of very high importance as it is one of the main agencies in contemporary society that form the base of our infrastructure, but it can also be said that religion is no longer important as it used to be as science has proofed to answer just as many questions as religion has. Sandeep Singh Sian DTn ...read more.

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