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The ban of smoking in public places. In this essay I will be explaining my opinions on the U.K Smoking ban in public places and if I support or disagree with it the smoking ban started on the 1st of July 2007 and made it illegal to smoke in public places some people think this a good idea because it stops passive smoking & lung cancer, but some people think it's a bad idea because it takes there right away to smoke. The idea to stop people from smoking come from the BMA when they released research proving that smoking kills. Cigarette and cigars come from, the tobacco plant that provides the tobacco to make these products. The tobacco plant is native to the America's and was first imported to England in the 1560's. Tobacco was not very popular in Europe, and throughout the 16th and 17th centuries harsh punishments were imposed on those caught smoking in public places. Smoking became increasingly popular with Europeans in the 18th century with the first UK based cigarette factory opening in1856 in Walworth. Smoking Changed in social opinion because smoking had become an annoying problem for some people before the smoking ban was enforced. ...read more.


In source B it gives you evidence from FOREST (Freedom organisation for the right to enjoy smoking tobacco) website. Which gives you reasons against the smoking ban, it tells you that the ban is unnecessarily political and despite the fact that the cigar terrace at Boisdale has been a huge success they have still enforced the ban. Since the ban many clubs and pups have been forced the closed in older community's there is hardly any were to go for them any more due to business closing and they way of living has been changed from when they use to be able to enjoy a cigarette and a drink. When they used to be able to go out to the bingo hall or worker's man club or there local pup due to this many of them are choosing to stay at home instead to smoke and drink which is causing lots of business relying on the older people, to close down. It is also affects the young generation as they see many of there favourite place to go on a Saturday night closing down because people aren't going because they want to be able to smoke with not having to go out side and are also ...read more.


it does give you some strong arguments against the smoking ban like that smoking helps people calm down whilst at work which improves productivity which is be good for any business. In my opinion I support the smoking ban in public places because of the effects which second hand smoke has such as contributing to lung cancer and asthma, and because you can now go to pups and restraints without having to come back smelling of smoke and because It saves the NHS lots of money which could be invested in to other areas like schools. But I do disagree with the complete ban and I think it should be up to the bar club or restraint owner if you can smoke or not and that there is not conclusive evidence that second hand smoke kills. I understand that smokers don't want to be treated like second-class citizens by been made to go out side to smoke or having to pay fines when caught stumping out there cigarettes on the floor but they have to understand that most people don't like the smell or the effects of it and that we need to find a way which we can meet in the middle. By Josh Buckle ...read more.

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