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Examine the Radical Feminist View of the Family.

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Examine the Radical Feminist View of the Family. Feminism is the belief that women are unfairly treated in society and it should be changed in order to create equality with men. However not all feminists believe the same and there ideas vary. Radical Feminists believe that it has been built into the way society is structured that men are allowed to exploit and oppress women. They call this patriarchy. They believe that abuse in the family is down to men being psychologically warped by centuries of patriarchy into being unable to accept women as equals. Shulamith Firestone developed a theory in the 1960's when Radical Feminists began seeking to overturn what at the time was seen as grotesque and destructive bias towards male power in society. This theory was structural and based on long-term historical views beginning in prehistoric times. ...read more.


Men control children using physical and psychological abuse but in some case sexual dominance is used. Therefore Firestone believed that the sexual abuse of women and children was not about sexual deviance at all but about power. Over the centuries men have become adapted to the power held over women so find it difficult to accept them as equals. Firestone decided the only solution to this problem was for women and children to live totally separated from men, and to even do away with them completely. However today Firestones theories are not very fashionable, although they do have some truth in them. Violent male partners kill 100 women a year while only 4 men a year are killed by violent women partners, and most of all child abuse cases is committed by men. Liberal Feminists unlike Radical Feminists believe that over time as the old fashioned views have broken down, many new laws have been changed that help to give women equality and there has been a steady improvement in women's careers in society. ...read more.


If men hadn't of dominated women in the past would they still have been dominated today, or would women have been equal? Liberal Feminists seem to have a better outlook on the way things have changed over the years and although it's slow in it is progression many new laws have been altered that defend women's rights and now women are allowed to do the same jobs as men and also receive the same pay. However it looks as though while changing the laws so women are equal has begun to caused a shift in dominance and women are now beginning to gain the same rights as men but also even more. Radical and Liberal Feminist though they have different views on the way things should be done they are both after the same thing, for women to have equality. Therefore I believe that although Radical Feminists have outrageous ideas about how to gain equality (by getting rid of men), this could actually be the only way. By Lizzy Franks Sociology Lizzy Franks ...read more.

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